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Upcoming Events: St. Francis’ Feast Day

St. Francis’ Feast Day Celebrate in many ways! On October 4th, Fr. Lannon will preside at noon Mass in St. John’s Church. Following Mass enjoy a complimentary lunch, discussion and sustainability fair in Lower Saint John’s Church. We will be highlighting the opportunity to sign the St. Francis Climate Pledge found here.

Upcoming Events: Syria Panel Discussion

Join us for a panel discussion about Syria on Sept. 22 from 6-8pm in Lower Saint John’s! Panelists will include Dr. John Calvert, Dr. Philip Meeks, Dr. Roger Bergman, and Antwan “Tony” Homsi S.J. who are from a variety of backgrounds and have various knowledge regarding historical context, ethics, and the current events of Syria. [...]



Upcoming Events: Nebraskans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty Annual Recption and Silent Auction

Nebraskans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty On Thursday, September 26th, from 7-7:30pm, in the Harper Center Auditorium, Nebraskans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty will have its Annual Reception and Silent Auction. The night will include keynote speaker Bud Welch Coward whose daughter, Julie, was killed in the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building [...]

Peace: Health Care Conscience Rights Act

USCCB The Obama Administration’s contraceptive/abortifacient/sterilization mandate will begin to be enforced against nonprofit religious schools, charities and health care providers on August 1. In the days to come, Congress must decide whether to address this problem through must-pass legislation before that deadline. Members of the House should be urged to include the Health Care Conscience [...]


63 Years Ago Today: President Truman Announces the Development of the H-bomb

Today is a cause for remembrance and reflection on peace in our country. On January 31, 1950–63 years ago today–President Truman announced his intention to support the creation of a hydrogen bomb, which is speculated to be hundreds of times more powerful than the nuclear bombs that had been dropped on Japan only 5 years [...]


Sage and fellow Spring Break Service Trippers 2012

A ‘Radical’ State of Mind

“We haven’t scared any of you off yet, right?” Well gosh, I thought, are we supposed to be scared? This was soon followed up with an explanation of what Kelly meant by scary: Radical. Now, the word radical, for me, can have many different meanings. I remember when my little brother was going through a [...]

Peace: Support Kimberly Rivera

Kimberly Rivera, a conscientious objector and Iraq War resister, is currently on base at Fort Carson, Colorado, awaiting information on her case as well as further orders from her commanding officers. Last month, Kim complied with the Canadian government’s deportation order and spent time in the Lewis County Jail in Lowville, N.Y. She was arrested [...]

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