About the CCSJ

As an integral part of a Jesuit Catholic University education, the Creighton Center for Service and Justice awakens hearts and lives of solidarity to build a more just world.

The CCSJ seeks:
A. To involve students in direct service with persons who suffer and experience injustice in order to awaken the desire and develop the capacity to act with and on behalf of the poor and marginalized;

B. To promote and facilitate education and understanding of causes of domestic and international poverty and injustice and the moral obligations and principles for social and political action found in Catholic Social Teaching;

C. To promote student participation in advocating public policy and organizing on behalf of justice together with persons and groups locally and around the world active in bringing “the justice of the Gospel to society and culture” (Jesuit Social Apostolate mission statement, Rome 1998);

D. To form leaders for service and justice;

E. To promote and encourage the building of communities of faith, service, solidarity and justice while at Creighton and beyond.