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Supreme Court Rules on Arizon’s SB1070 (Immigration Bill)

Below is the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) News Release pertaining to the Supreme Court’s ruling on Arizona’s SB 1070. Read the USCCB’s release pertaining to President Obama’s announcement of deferred action for DREAM Act eligible youth.  DATE: June 25, 2012 FROM: Sr. Mary Ann Walsh O: 202-541-3200 M: 301-325-7935 mwalsh@usccb.org FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [...]

President Obama announces deferred action for DREAM Act eligible youth

Below is the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) News Release pertaining to President Barack Obama’s announcement of deferred action for DREAM Act eligible youth. Read the USCCB’s release pertaining to the Supreme Court’s ruling on Arizona’s SB 1070.  Statement of Most Reverend José H. Gomez Archbishop of Los Angeles Chairman, USCCB Committee on [...]

Reflecting on Citizenship

Volunteering at the Juan Diego Center this semester has changed my views on the immigration process. It gave me the unique opportunity to see this process from the perspective of an immigrant going through the arduous journey of gaining citizenship. It’s inspiring to see the people work so hard to overcome their language barriers, which [...]

Creighton Alumna Continues the Work of Advocacy

By Becca Harvey, ’11 I set out to write this to let you know about my recent advocacy adventures. (I thought you would be pleased!) One of my guests here at Casa Vides in El Paso, TX has recently won political asylum, but immigration didn’t give her an I-94 (a type of visa that is [...]

Green Bag Lunch on Climate Refugees

Wednesday, April 18th, 12:30-1:30 pm Creighton University (Harper Center, Room 2060) In celebration of EARTH DAY, the Creighton University Sustainability Council’s Green Bag Lunch and Learn Series presents: “Climate Refugees: A Humanitarian Cause”. This lunch features two student presentations from a theological and a sociological perspective. “Climate Refugees” is a very recent concept in which [...]

Encountering an Amazing Community Here in Omaha

By Matthew Taira, ‘15 It has been just over a month since I came back from my Spring Break Service and Justice Trip, but not one day passes without thinking about the great experience I had at both Pixan Ixim and One World in South Omaha. At first, I was a little disappointed that I [...]

Urgent Action Needed: Contact Senators On Prenatal Care

Your voice is making a tangible difference! There is one more round of voting on LB 599, which will restore prenatal care coverage to all low-income women, before it passes to the Governor who plans on vetoing the bill. 30 votes are needed by the Unicameral to override the Governor’s veto. Currently, there are 30 [...]

Countering Immigration Myths

By Rachel Weigel, ‘15 This past week in our Migration Advocacy Team we split into a few groups to learn about important immigration issues that students, as well as the general society, experience today. These issues were immigration myths, present presidential candidates’ stances on immigration issues, the legal process of becoming an immigrant, and understanding [...]

Ignatian Advocacy Team Attends Police-Community Discussion

Omaha Together One Community is an interfaith organization that focuses on building community and has teams that advocate for immigration and refugee communities, as well as setting up workforce development and youth enrichment programs. A couple members of the CCSJ Ignatian Advocacy Team and I attended a meeting on January 25th at Our Lady of [...]

Delegation Attends Vigil to Restore Prenatal Care

Omaha OTOC delegation with Jim Cunningham, Executive Director of the Nebraska Catholic Conference[/caption] By Leah Schaffer ’15 Last Saturday, the Interchurch Ministries of Nebraska hosted a Vigil to Restore Prenatal Care by supporting LB599 at the Christ United Methodist Church in Lincoln. This bill is important because prenatal care lowers the risk of infant mortality, [...]

Through My Eyes as a Citizen

Brian Kuehner, freshman student in the College of Business, reflects on weekly service at Catholic Charities’ Juan Diego Center: Over the course of the past semester, my volunteer service at the Juan Diego Center has profoundly impacted my views on immigration. Every Tuesday I would go with the CCSJ and help immigrants study for their [...]

Invitation Accepted – IFTJ 2011

Two Creighton Students, Christine Bolas and Claire Bowens, share their experiences of receiving invitations at the Ignatian Family Teach-In For Justice 2011. They both share how they received, and acted upon, invitations to take their service experiences to a deeper level.

Examples of Life

Santiago Franco, student, wrote this reflection after participating in a week-long Fall Break Service Trip with the Pixan Ixim community: God made us of different colors, heights and essences. He sent us to different lands with uncertain destinies that have not been fulfilled yet. However, we have managed to find ourselves in this place under [...]

Experiencing a True Community

By Molly Dellaria This morning I woke up with a heavy heart as I sorted through conflicting feelings after last night’s OTOC Immigration Forum. Being not only new to Omaha and Creighton, but also the topic of immigration, I had no idea what was in store for me. Though I am a self-proclaimed extravert, I’ve [...]

Jesuit Conference Statement Regarding the Hunger Crisis in the Horn of Africa

We pray for all those suffering from drought, hunger, displacement and famine in the Horn of Africa. According to the UN, over 12 million people are in need of emergency assistance, primarily in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia, and the famine has not yet peaked. Many are wondering how best to assist. The Society of Jesus [...]

Update on Jesuit Letter in Support of Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR)

This update letter is being shared with all signatories to the Jesuit Letter in Support of Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR). Many endorsing groups are active and even leading local efforts in support of justice for immigrants. Much has happened in six months since we achieved our goal of collecting over 200 endorsing groups from Jesuit [...]

Letter from California Jesuit Provincial John McGarry

McGarry’s letter is in regards to the implementation of AZ 1070. “In 2006 representatives from around the California Province of the Society of Jesus engaged in a process of communal discernment that identified solidarity with migrants as our top priority for province social ministries, a priority that has also been affirmed by both the 35th [...]

Jesuit Provincials release letter calling on Congress for Immigration Reform

“Dear Members of the Congress of the United States: We, the Provincials of the Society of Jesus in the United States, write to ask that you take immediate action to effect comprehensive immigration reform. Our Roman Catholic religious order sponsors a broad array of works in education, pastoral ministry and social service. Through our ministries, [...]

Dear friends of immigrants in Wisconsin province

You may have heard that President Obama attended the Esperanza National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast this morning (June 19) and invoked scriptural guidance of “love thy neighbor” to push the need for comprehensive immigration reform. This would seem to signal that national and legislative attention will begin turning again toward immigration policy. Thank you for your [...]