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Alta Gracia: The Power of Business Redefined

By Carissa Smith This past semester I had the opportunity to visit the Alta Gracia factory, in Villa Alta Gracia,  as an Encuentro Dominicano student studying abroad in the Dominican Republic. If you don’t know anything about the factory here’s a little background: It is the first ever college apparel factory to pioneer a business [...]

Examples of Life

Santiago Franco, student, wrote this reflection after participating in a week-long Fall Break Service Trip with the Pixan Ixim community: God made us of different colors, heights and essences. He sent us to different lands with uncertain destinies that have not been fulfilled yet. However, we have managed to find ourselves in this place under [...]

The Quest for Real Experience

By Chris Boitano Right now I am in rural West Virginia with a group of 11 other Creighton students. I have wanted to go on this trip since I first heard about the issue of mountain top removal. In some sense I have been preparing for this trip for the past few years, but in [...]

How do we prepare our students?

By Kelly Orbik, CCSJ Assistant DirectorStudents must 1st discern that they want to offer themselves this experience. They apply, read “In the Service of Life,” interview with student peers, pay the cost of the trips, come to 3 preparation meetings, and come to a missioning service the night before. The day they leave they take [...]

Poverty: Prioritize Compassion for Our Brother’s & Sisters Around the Globe

As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, your Senator will be making decisions about funding levels for poverty-focused international assistance this week. Please contact your Senators now and ask that they give priority to poverty-focused international assistance within the Foreign Operations Appropriation, and to protect poverty focused assistance from disproportionate cuts proposed by the [...]

Support The Global Fund and Help Save One Million Lives Every Year

Impressive video, cause, and organization: From their website: “Formed in 2002, the Global Fund unites dedicated citizens, scientific innovators, and visionary governments together with commitment and resources in a common mission: winning the war against AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. The strategy works. It’s already helped save more than 6.5 million lives. This year, Global Fund-supported [...]

Catholic Social Teaching and Jesuit Documents on Faith and Justice

The Promotion of Justice: Resources for Exploring the Jesuit and Catholic Tradition The Promotion of Justice: Jesuit Documents about the Service of Faith and the Promotion of Justice IN AMERICAN JESUIT HIGHER EDUCATION by Rev. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, S.J., Superior General of the Society of Jesus at COMMITMENT TO JUSTICE IN JESUIT HIGHER EDUCATION Conference, Santa [...]

Maureen Book – NETWORK

Working in D.C., the nation’s capital, was probably one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done. Life in D.C. is fast-paced and people are tremendously driven and always well-informed—everyone seems to know everything about everything. There was always something happening and the ripple effects of politics was spectacular to watch. My internship also taught [...]

Will Rutt – Interfaith Worker Justice

I arrived at the worker center not really knowing what I was going to do and what the worker center was all about. As the summer progressed I started to hear the workers’ stories first hand and connect with worker, and immigrant struggles in Arizona. Pressure quickly began to rise as the court cases piled [...]

Ben Anderson

Ben Anderson wrote the letter below detailing his summer working with Interfaith Worker Justice, a 10-week, paid internship program that assists students in building a solid foundation in the principles of their faith tradition, teaches skills in organizing, advocacy and social analysis, and provides hands-on experience in working to improve the lives of workers. I [...]

Rachael Hoffman – Interfaith Worker Justice

My summer as a Workers’ Rights Advocate, or in Spanish- una promotora de derechos laborales, at the Chicago Workers’ Center was a whirlwind of excitement, and important lessons.  I handled twelve workers’ cases; interpreting for them when they didn’t understand the attorney’s English, guiding them through the legal process of filing a claim, and assuring [...]

Sara Brabec – Oakland, CA

CU ’08 Alumnus Sara Brabec volunteered post-grad with Dominican Volunteers USA in Oakland, CA. “My time as a volunteer was enriching and challenging, both in ways I had anticipated and ways I couldn’t have imagined. I developed relationships within my living community and neighborhood that I had not anticipated. I learned to do new things [...]

Jenna Wilcox – Nicaragua

Jenna Wilcox (CU alum ’07 pictured in red) spent two years in Nicaragua through Jesuit Volunteers International. Here is a quote from during her time spent serving: “I have been finding a lot of joy in work lately. Throughout my first six months I found myself in constant ups and downs about the reality of [...]

Letter from California Jesuit Provincial John McGarry

McGarry’s letter is in regards to the implementation of AZ 1070. “In 2006 representatives from around the California Province of the Society of Jesus engaged in a process of communal discernment that identified solidarity with migrants as our top priority for province social ministries, a priority that has also been affirmed by both the 35th [...]

Jesuit Provincials release letter calling on Congress for Immigration Reform

“Dear Members of the Congress of the United States: We, the Provincials of the Society of Jesus in the United States, write to ask that you take immediate action to effect comprehensive immigration reform. Our Roman Catholic religious order sponsors a broad array of works in education, pastoral ministry and social service. Through our ministries, [...]

Dear friends of immigrants in Wisconsin province

You may have heard that President Obama attended the Esperanza National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast this morning (June 19) and invoked scriptural guidance of “love thy neighbor” to push the need for comprehensive immigration reform. This would seem to signal that national and legislative attention will begin turning again toward immigration policy. Thank you for your [...]