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Students Advocate to Restore Prenatal Care

By Michael Rossmann, SJ Four Creighton students and I participated in a phone bank held at the Creighton Center for Service and Justice calling registered voters in Nebraska to urge their Senators to vote “yes” on LB 599 – a bill to restore prenatal care for low-income children. Nebraska previously insured prenatal care for all [...]

Urgent Action Needed: Contact Senators On Prenatal Care

Your voice is making a tangible difference! There is one more round of voting on LB 599, which will restore prenatal care coverage to all low-income women, before it passes to the Governor who plans on vetoing the bill. 30 votes are needed by the Unicameral to override the Governor’s veto. Currently, there are 30 [...]

Peace: Stop The Violence In Syria

Well over 6,500 Syrians are reported to have been killed and many more have been injured since largely peaceful protests began in Syria in mid-March 2011. As documented in a new Amnesty International report, the scale of torture and ill-treatment by security forces, army and pro-government armed gangs has risen to a level not witnessed [...]

This is Where it Gets Real: The Challenge of Fair Labor

By Jocelyn Wu, ‘12 “This is where it gets real.” Jim Keady’s words challenge both Nike, the corporation, and Creighton, the Jesuit university. Keady’s interest in justice for workers began as a graduate theology project at St. John’s University where he coached soccer.  After researching Nike’s labor conditions, he decided to find out things for [...]

Countering Immigration Myths

By Rachel Weigel, ‘15 This past week in our Migration Advocacy Team we split into a few groups to learn about important immigration issues that students, as well as the general society, experience today. These issues were immigration myths, present presidential candidates’ stances on immigration issues, the legal process of becoming an immigrant, and understanding [...]

Delegation Attends Vigil to Restore Prenatal Care

Omaha OTOC delegation with Jim Cunningham, Executive Director of the Nebraska Catholic Conference[/caption] By Leah Schaffer ’15 Last Saturday, the Interchurch Ministries of Nebraska hosted a Vigil to Restore Prenatal Care by supporting LB599 at the Christ United Methodist Church in Lincoln. This bill is important because prenatal care lowers the risk of infant mortality, [...]

Invitation Accepted – IFTJ 2011

Two Creighton Students, Christine Bolas and Claire Bowens, share their experiences of receiving invitations at the Ignatian Family Teach-In For Justice 2011. They both share how they received, and acted upon, invitations to take their service experiences to a deeper level.

Examples of Life

Santiago Franco, student, wrote this reflection after participating in a week-long Fall Break Service Trip with the Pixan Ixim community: God made us of different colors, heights and essences. He sent us to different lands with uncertain destinies that have not been fulfilled yet. However, we have managed to find ourselves in this place under [...]

Poverty: Prioritize Compassion for Our Brother’s & Sisters Around the Globe

As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, your Senator will be making decisions about funding levels for poverty-focused international assistance this week. Please contact your Senators now and ask that they give priority to poverty-focused international assistance within the Foreign Operations Appropriation, and to protect poverty focused assistance from disproportionate cuts proposed by the [...]

Experiencing a True Community

By Molly Dellaria This morning I woke up with a heavy heart as I sorted through conflicting feelings after last night’s OTOC Immigration Forum. Being not only new to Omaha and Creighton, but also the topic of immigration, I had no idea what was in store for me. Though I am a self-proclaimed extravert, I’ve [...]

Jesuit Conference Statement Regarding the Hunger Crisis in the Horn of Africa

We pray for all those suffering from drought, hunger, displacement and famine in the Horn of Africa. According to the UN, over 12 million people are in need of emergency assistance, primarily in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia, and the famine has not yet peaked. Many are wondering how best to assist. The Society of Jesus [...]

How to Feed the World?

By: Anna Green I came across this video in an email yesterday and think it is a simple, yet great way to display the unequal distribution of food in the world. The population of the world is increasing at an alarming pace- one in which, if we do not change our current lifestyles, will not [...]

Support The Global Fund and Help Save One Million Lives Every Year

Impressive video, cause, and organization: From their website: “Formed in 2002, the Global Fund unites dedicated citizens, scientific innovators, and visionary governments together with commitment and resources in a common mission: winning the war against AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. The strategy works. It’s already helped save more than 6.5 million lives. This year, Global Fund-supported [...]

Catholic Social Teaching and Jesuit Documents on Faith and Justice

The Promotion of Justice: Resources for Exploring the Jesuit and Catholic Tradition The Promotion of Justice: Jesuit Documents about the Service of Faith and the Promotion of Justice IN AMERICAN JESUIT HIGHER EDUCATION by Rev. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, S.J., Superior General of the Society of Jesus at COMMITMENT TO JUSTICE IN JESUIT HIGHER EDUCATION Conference, Santa [...]

Community Economics

National Cooperative Business Association National Congress for Community Economic Develpment Committee for Economic Development Center for Community Change Center for Policy Alternatives Economic Policy Institute E. F. Schumacher Society Great Cities Institute Community Wealth Community and Economic Development Program Shorebank Corporation Woodstock Institute The Land Institute Co-Op America Center for Economic and Social Justice Foundation [...]

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development

National Jesuit Committee on Investment Responsibility (NJCIR) NJCIR’s 2009 Annual Report – Includes the Investment actions of Creighton and of the Wisconsin Province of the Jesuits (currently unavailable) Histroical and Biblical Roots of Socially Responsible Investment Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility BALLE (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies) White Dog Cafe Rocky Mountain Institute Institute [...]


Pax Christi USA Faithful Security Pope Benedict Pleads for an end of War US Bishops Agree to Meet with Catholic Members of Congress on Iraq War Institute for Peace and Justice Maryknoll: the U.S. Catholic Mission Movement Nebraskans for Peace U.S. Catholic Bishops call for peace and offer resources Jesuit Provincials’ letter to President Bush [...]


Catholic Campaign for Human Development Catholic Charities USA Catholic Relief Services Catholic Worker Movement Center for Poverty Solutions Catholic Relief Services: Campus Connection How Rich Are You? “A Place at the Table: A Catholic Recommitment to Overcome Poverty and to Respect the Dignity of All God’s Children” (from U.S. Catholic Bishops) PovertyNet An insightful presentation [...]