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Using Economics to Do Justice

  For the past ten weeks I have been a Micah Corps intern for the Great Plains Methodist Conference. Through this internship, my team and I researched social justice topics in the community with individuals who are facing these struggles every day and with organizations who are working to combat those struggles. We traveled through [...]


Diving in the Depths of the Ocean While Walking on Jello

By Carissa Smith This past year has been a whirlwind of experiences for me. Last fall semester I got my feet wet in advocacy working with the CCSJ Advocacy team and being President of our NAACP chapter.  Then I left my post at Creighton to answer my call to go to the Dominican Republic for [...]

Interfaith Worker Justice 2006

Rachael Hoffman Interned at Interfaith Worker Justice during the Summer of ’06 Interfaith Worker Justice (the non-profit that I’m working for this summer) was influential in this campaign (in rallying community and faith leaders to support the ordinance and call their aldermen/women) = I was at the finance committee yesterday where they voted in support [...]