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Leah Schaffer

Social Analysis: Students Take a Close Look at Homelessness

On Monday, students who attend weekly service at the Siena/Francis House were invited to come together for a social analysis to discuss issues surrounding poverty and homelessness. Every week at the Siena/Francis House, Creighton students eat dinner with the residents and then listen to the story of someone in the Addiction Recovery Program. It is [...]

What I Hope to Gain and to Give at Siena/Francis House

I have only been to Siena/Francis House once, about a couple of weeks ago with some fellow volunteers with the Creighton Center for Service and Justice. I remember walking in with my peers, anticipating being directly addressed. What should I say? What is there to talk about? The weather, the news, sports? There were two [...]

Laura Shircliff (Sr.), St. Martin's Client, Shelby Snedeker (Sr.)

Finding Home in a Homeless Shelter

Fall break of my sophomore year I went on my first service trip. In the house where we stayed hung a small tapestry that read the following quote by B. Cooke: “We need to find people who mean something to us, people to whom we turn knowing that being with them is coming home.” At [...]

Connecting the Dots Between Service and Advocacy

This morning, the Siena/Francis House group participated in a legislative visit with Senator Ben Nelson’s staff. Louise Lattimer pictured here with the group met the delegation to discuss domestic poverty concerns. Getting to the actual visit was a challenge in itself. After our first night in the shelter we had to be up and going [...]

Featured SFH Advocacy


Online resources on homelessness: http://www.macchomeless.org/ (local) http://works.bepress.com/dennis_culhane/ (UPenn researcher) http://www.endhomelessness.org/ http://www.endhomelessness.org/content/article/detail/1902 (video on ending homelessness) http://www.ich.gov/index.html http://www.nationalhomeless.org/ http://www.thechicagoalliance.org/ Reflections from PHCO 2012 Volunteers and Guests Ways to Stay Involved Ending Homelessness: A Model that Just Might Work


Seeing Despair Turn To Hope

By Casey Jergenson, ’12 Driving through the neighborhoods of Detroit, Michigan can be a rather disturbing experience.  Rows upon rows of burnt-out, dilapidated houses grimaced at our mini-van as we drove through the city, replacing our light-hearted conversations with melancholy silences.  I certainly was not prepared for the poverty we encountered. We volunteered with a [...]

Casey Jergenson

Anna Ferguson

Lessons from Detroit

By Anna Ferguson, ’15 Talking to a homeless person the same age as you has the incredible ability to change your ideas about life and people in general. Perhaps God knew that was what I would need to really challenge my generalizations and assumptions about the homeless during my Spring Break Service and Justice Trip [...]