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Spring Break in Service: SCSJ Service & Justice Trips Enliven Creighton Experience

This Spring Break, Creighton University will again send out a large contingent of students as part of the Schlegel Center for Service and Justice’s Spring Service & Justice Trips. The week of March 11, more than 130 students will fan out across the nation, the state and the city for immersion and service-learning experiences at [...]



Bailey Norby: 2 Degrees and a Division I Athlete

Playing a Division I sport while earning an undergraduate degree in three years bucks convention. But Bailey Norby thought outside the scheduling box and did just that. Now, the Forest Lake, Minnesota native is finishing her MBA while playing basketball for the Bluejays. The women’s basketball team trains on campus ten months a year. Norby had some free time [...]

6 Creighton students spent spring break at a homeless shelter. It was an eye-opening experience

Yoshua Piescer said he was a little scared the other night when a homeless man waved him over in front of the Siena-Francis House homeless shelter. The Creighton University student was in his second day of living at the homeless shelter as part of a spring break service trip. He already had his shoes stolen. [...]


Social Analysis: Students Take a Close Look at Homelessness

On Monday, students who attend weekly service at the Siena/Francis House were invited to come together for a social analysis to discuss issues surrounding poverty and homelessness. Every week at the Siena/Francis House, Creighton students eat dinner with the residents and then listen to the story of someone in the Addiction Recovery Program. It is [...]

Leah Schaffer

What I Hope to Gain and to Give at Siena/Francis House

I have only been to Siena/Francis House once, about a couple of weeks ago with some fellow volunteers with the Creighton Center for Service and Justice. I remember walking in with my peers, anticipating being directly addressed. What should I say? What is there to talk about? The weather, the news, sports? There were two [...]

Finding Home in a Homeless Shelter

Fall break of my sophomore year I went on my first service trip. In the house where we stayed hung a small tapestry that read the following quote by B. Cooke: “We need to find people who mean something to us, people to whom we turn knowing that being with them is coming home.” At [...]

Laura Shircliff (Sr.), St. Martin's Client, Shelby Snedeker (Sr.)

Featured SFH Advocacy

Connecting the Dots Between Service and Advocacy

This morning, the Siena/Francis House group participated in a legislative visit with Senator Ben Nelson’s staff. Louise Lattimer pictured here with the group met the delegation to discuss domestic poverty concerns. Getting to the actual visit was a challenge in itself. After our first night in the shelter we had to be up and going [...]

Seeing Despair Turn To Hope

By Casey Jergenson, ’12 Driving through the neighborhoods of Detroit, Michigan can be a rather disturbing experience.  Rows upon rows of burnt-out, dilapidated houses grimaced at our mini-van as we drove through the city, replacing our light-hearted conversations with melancholy silences.  I certainly was not prepared for the poverty we encountered. We volunteered with a [...]

The Point of No Routine

By Steph Haas, ’12 The pre-service trip routine I have come to know so well over the last three years is coming to a close. I had coordinator formation, I bonded with my service trip group, we had three general meetings and a send-off service, and the logistics are all organized. From the moment we [...]

Serving 4 Miles from 8 Mile

By Anna Ferguson ’15 From the moment my service group met at the first general Spring Break Service Trip meeting, we joked about visiting 8 Mile. 8 Mile is a stretch of Michigan highway made famous by Detroit native Eminem, a rapper whose CD, named “8 Mile” for the area he grew up by, sold [...]

Spring Break in…Detroit?

By Anna Ferguson When you think about Spring Break, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? White sandy beaches, exotic destinations, Disney World? What about a run-down urban neighborhood? Not quite. Few people would pick Detroit, Michigan as their Spring Break destination. Somehow a week spent in a city with an unemployment rate of nearly 50% isn’t [...]

Solidarity: Side-by-Side

written by: Laura Green, Wind River co-coordinator & member of Service and Justice Trips CORE Team Solidarity is one of the hardest of the seven pillars to understand. I remember as a sophomore, sitting in the general meetings before my fall break service trip and being so completely confused by this word. And here I [...]

Lucija Straley

Lucija Straley, Creighton ’07 grad, spoke at the 2010 Fall Break Service Trip Send-off service. Listen to her speak in the video to the right, or download her reflection. “Looking back on my college experience, my first service trip to Pascagoula, Mississippi stands out as the single best week of my four years at Creighton. This [...]