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A Moment of Solidarity

Pilsen is a vibrant Latino community on the southwest side of Chicago, Illinois. Spanish is the first language of the majority of the inhabitants of Pilsen, but because they are living in the United States and looking for employment, learning English becomes more and more of a necessity. Seven other Creighton students and I spent [...]



Education: Support Female Education in Pakistan!

On October 9th, 14-year-old Malala Yousufzai was shot by Taliban gunmen, and after a bullet was removed from her brain, her condition is slowly improving. The Taliban targeted Malala for her human rights activism. Malala has bravely spoken out for the rights of girls to receive an education. Her father ran one of the last girls’ [...]

Economic Justice: Funding for Beginning Farmer Training Programs

As of October 1st, funding for the most important federal program to train the next generation of American farmers ran dry. If Congress doesn’t act quickly when it returns in November, this program, and the invaluable support it gives, could disappear forever. In 2012 alone, the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program funded forty training [...]



Migration: Support the DREAM Act

For 11 long years, Congress has debated the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act, a bipartisan bill that offers a path to citizenship for young immigrants. The DREAM Act protects responsible young adults from the constant threat of deportation and removes barriers to their rights to work and education. President Obama has [...]

Waiting for Superman

By Katie Larson, ’14 I am going to Mobile, Alabama to serve with the Daughters of Charity this spring break, and, I admit, I was very nervous at the first meeting for the trip. After several bonding sessions with our service group, however, the nerves have given way to laughter and ease as I have [...]

Katie Larson

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Through My Eyes as a Citizen

Brian Kuehner, freshman student in the College of Business, reflects on weekly service at Catholic Charities’ Juan Diego Center: Over the course of the past semester, my volunteer service at the Juan Diego Center has profoundly impacted my views on immigration. Every Tuesday I would go with the CCSJ and help immigrants study for their [...]

Our Voices: Reflections on a Fall Break Service Trip

By Jocelyn Wu, Senior Coordinator to Winnebago, NE The majority of photos from my Fall Break Service Trip to the Winnebago Indian Reservation are of picturesque sunsets and sunrises, with brilliant orange orbs sinking and rising into crystal blue skies. I write these words as a student thankful to have had the opportunity to experience [...]



CCSJ Weekly Update: Oct. 26 – Nov. 1

Featured Events: Spring Break Service Trip Fundraiser at Sam and Louie’s Please come join the CCSJ at Sam and Louie’s on 24th and Cuming to help support the CCSJ Spring Break Service Trips. 20% of the revenue goes to lowering the cost for participants through scholarships. Sales from the entire day will be honored, so [...]

Developmental / Learning Disabilities

The Arc of Omaha at the Ollie Webb Center Lisa Dougherty ~ (402) 346-5220 ~ ldougherty@olliewebbinc.org Elizabeth Walls, Best Buddies Chapter Director ~ elizabethwalls@creighton.edu 1941 South 42nd St, Suite 122, Omaha, NE  68105 ~ www.olliewebbinc.org The Arc of Omaha’s mission is to improve & enrich the lives of people with developmental disabilities & to provide information, education, [...]

Matt Deboer

We are staying with 3 sisters (Daughters of Charity) and they all have different roles within their community. These are three of the most amazing women I have ever met, their English is amazing, and they all have hilarious senses of humor. Many of the children here are orphans, and often times they live alone [...]