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Waiting for Superman

By Katie Larson, ’14 I am going to Mobile, Alabama to serve with the Daughters of Charity this spring break, and, I admit, I was very nervous at the first meeting for the trip. After several bonding sessions with our service group, however, the nerves have given way to laughter and ease as I have [...]

Katie Larson

Anna Ferguson

Serving 4 Miles from 8 Mile

By Anna Ferguson ’15 From the moment my service group met at the first general Spring Break Service Trip meeting, we joked about visiting 8 Mile. 8 Mile is a stretch of Michigan highway made famous by Detroit native Eminem, a rapper whose CD, named “8 Mile” for the area he grew up by, sold [...]

Matt Deboer

We are staying with 3 sisters (Daughters of Charity) and they all have different roles within their community. These are three of the most amazing women I have ever met, their English is amazing, and they all have hilarious senses of humor. Many of the children here are orphans, and often times they live alone [...]

Al Robey

I spent five weeks with five other incredible volunteers, four amazing Daughters of Charity, one compassionate Vincentian priest, hundreds of wonderfully enthusiastic and loving students, and a beautiful, hospitable city. I taught in a very, VERY small classroom in a brand new school located in Tulema Tulema is a “leprosy village” in Jimma. Prior to [...]