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CCSJ Student Office Team Leader Application Now Open!

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Applications for Student Office Team Leader at the CCSJ are now open. The CCSJ, a department of University Ministry is open to Student Coordinators of all backgrounds. Student Coordinators become knowledgeable about the work of the CCSJ and the needs, gifts and opportunities of the broader community. They coordinate weekly local service; act as liaisons to other student, campus and community groups; represent CCSJ at University functions; help with office duties; and often initiate, organize and lead special projects and advocacy efforts. The position exists to empower students to facilitate, extend and deepen the service, faith and justice mission of Creighton University. The CCSJ has eight teams with paid and volunteer positions available on each team. If you are interested in applying for one of these positions (volunteer or paid), please visit our website for more information.

The application will be available online by January 15, 2014 and is due on January 29, 2014. We will be conducting interviews in the office on February 20-21 and will have final decisions out by March 7, 2014.



Service & Justice Trips Coordinator Application

2012_Fall_DoF_151) Read the Coordinator Rights and Responsibilities

2) Online Application.
Please fill out the online portion of the application and hit the “submit” button. Please plan for 30-60 minutes as there are essays and you are not able to save your application and return at a later time. If you begin the application, it may be submitted to us even if it is not complete, please plan to complete it at one sitting to avoid duplicate applications.

3) In order to complete the application process…

You need to bring the following documents/items to the CCSJ Office in the Harper Center (2067):
-Your deposit of $50. We accept cash, check or credit card in the office. This deposit will be subtracted from your payment of $225 for full week, or $125 for half week
-You will need to sign up for a 20 minute interview (in our office April. 2–4, 2014; no need to dress up)
-Payments and Interview sign-ups will be accepted on April 1st in our office.
Application deadline is April 1, 2014 by 4 pm.

Work Sample (please bring to your interview):
As a way to gather new creative ideas for our committees and program in general, we are asking coordinators to bring to their interviews a sample of what they offer as a coordinator to the Service & Justice Trips Program. Thinking of our events and looking at the roles of a coordinator, feel free to bring in anything that shows your talent (other than your outline of a reflection which you already included in your application). This could be a letter to a family member telling them about your trip that we could use in our fundraising material or as an advocacy piece, a new way to present a pillar at a general meeting, or something creative such as T-shirt design idea or a new flyer layout.

Service and Justice Trip coordinator application due: Tuesday, April 1, 2014 (CCSJ)
Coordinator Interviews: Wednesday April 2nd-Friday April 4th  (Sign-up in office when you come in to pay.)

Night of Formation: Part 1: Thursday, April 10 & Thursday, April 24th, 2014, both 9-11pm
Spring Service and Justice Trips Information Meetings: Thursday, April 3rd @ 9pm (CCSJ) and Monday April 7th @ 9pm (Harper Center Ballroom)
Spring Service and Justice Trips Participant Interviews: Tuesday April 22 – Thursday, April 24 (CCSJ)
Fall 2014 Coordinator Meetings: September 4th: 9-11pm & September 18th: 9-11pm
Spring Service and Justice Trips General Meetings: September 11: 9-10:30pm, September 25: 9-10:30pm, October 9″ 9-10:30pm
Send-Off Service: October 16, 9-10pm (St. John’s Church)
Fall Break: October 17-25, 2014
Fall Break Service and Justice Trips Reunion: October 30, 9-10:30pm

** Limited need-based scholarships are available April 1.Scholarship applications are due by April 1, 2014 with awards announced by April 5.

Payment will not be deposited until you have been offered a position and accepted. If you withdraw from a trip after June 1, 2014 no refund will be available.


2011 Staff Retreat

Anna & Christine 2

Anna & Christine

Katie, Daniella, & Laura

Carissa, Jenny, & Becca

Andrew & Kelsey

Will & Elizabeth

Melissa & Maureen

Professional Staff

Service Trips 2011-12 Core Team Jumping

Service Trips 2011-12 Core Team circle

Communications Team

Office Staff

Check out the pictures from our Staff retreat this weekend!
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Service & Justice Trips Core Team 2011-2012

Maureen Book
Maureen Book I am a senior majoring in Spanish and International Relations, minor in Justice and Peace Studies, and I am originally from St. Louis, MO. I started getting involved with the CCSJ my Freshman year when I went on my first service trip to Pilsen in Chicago. My sophomore year I was a member of the Cortina Community, which gave me so many unforgettable insights into social justice and has continued to motivate me ever since. I enjoy serving weekly at the Pixan Ixim community, which allows me to continue my passion of working with immigrants and speaking Spanish. I also spent a semester studying abroad in Chile my junior year, an indescribable experience that taught me so much about the world and so much about myself. I love doing advocacy work with the CCSJ and I love learning as much as I can about anything and everything. The things that are guaranteed to make me smile are beautiful sunsets, my friends, water fountains, kittens, clean rooms, my Spanish dictionary, sharing baked goods, knee socks, and of course – Harry Potter. I am so excited to be a part of the CCSJ family!
Claire Bowens
Claire Bowens
Hi, I’m Claire! I’m starting my fourth, and unfortunately, final year at Creighton. Over the past three years I have been blessed to have been a part of many amazing organizations and communities on campus, but the CCSJ has been a truly special and essential part of my college experience. After participating in the Encuentro Dominicano program, I sought out the CCSJ to help me continue to live out the values that I acquired in the DR. I began teaching ELL classes at the weekly service site, Pixan Ixim, and got involved in the CCSJ’s service trips. My FBST to El Paso, TX opened my eyes to the injustices of our nation’s immigration policies and inspired me to take action. While in El Paso, I felt called to spend my summer at the Annunciation House serving and living in solidarity with immigrants from Mexico and Central America – After an absolutely incredible and transformative summer, I am SO excited to start working in the CCSJ! I can’t wait to share my experiences and learn from those of my passionate and dynamic community members.
Kelsey Cullinan
Kelsey Cullinan Passionate, hard working and determined would be three words that describe me. I grew up in Altoona, IA – the oldest of six children. Currently, I am a senior, Pre-Med, majoring in German and Medical Anthropology with a minor in Biology, and possibly Public Health. I greatly enjoy traveling, being outside and working with children.
Laura Green
Laura Green Why hello there. My name is Laura and I am from St. Louis, MO. I’m a Social Work major with a minor in Justice and Peace Studies. Since participating in immersion trips to La Chinantla, Mexico in high school, my passion for service and justice has only grown stronger. For five years I have been a camp counselor for children with physical and mental disabilities and just finished my second year at a residential, Jewish camp at Lake of the Ozarks! It has brought about incredible relationships and friendships! I LOVE being outside, camping, and swaying in hammocks. Also, get this! I have a twin that works in the CCSJ too and we are identical! I had a year full of community, laughter, and growth in this office and can only hope for another great one this year especially as I join the Service & Justice Trips CORE Team.
Kate Kogler
Kate Kogler
Hello! My name is Kate and I am going into my last year at Creighton. It has been a wonderful journey so far and I am excited to be a part of the CCSJ community this year through Core Team. I am an Exercise Science major, a Biblical Studies minor, and I am in the process of applying to physical therapy school! I have been on three different service trips through the CCSJ and they have been an integral part of my college experience. I went to Stroud, OK; Okolona, MS; and St. Mary of the Woods, IN. These trips have shaped my life in amazing ways and I am so excited to be a part of the process on Core Team and facilitate other student’s experiences. I enjoy being by the beach, any form of dessert, and a good book. Ideally, I enjoy a good book while eating dessert at the beach!
Melissa List
Melissa List
Well hello! I grew up off-the-grid on my family farm outside Granville, IA (population: less than 400). I am senior Nursing major with the intent to pursue a Nurse Practitioner program in the near future. Upon arriving at Creighton I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice in Columbus, GA. This experience was the starting point for me in my awareness and pursuit of social justice. Throughout my time at Creighton, I have been blessed with many opportunities to enter into community and service through involvement in the Freshmen Leadership Program, Cortina Program, and my wonderful Service & Justice Trip experience to Pixan Ixim in South Omaha and leading a trip to Denver, CO with the Colorado Vincentian Volunteers last spring. This summer only furthered my drive to work for social justice as I spent 6 weeks in the Dominican Republic working as a campo clinic nurse through Creighton’s ILAC Program. In my free time I love spending time with my Daisy Girl Scouts at Kellom Elementary and teaching Sunday School at St. John’s on campus. My guilty pleasures in life are coffee, chocolate and, as a nursing student, being asked to investigate my friend’s ailments at any given time (regardless of my apparent lack of experience). I simply cannot wait for an amazing year with the CCSJ and sincerely hope you give in to your curiosity and come visit the office!
Mike Rios
Mike Rios Hailing from the Western Chicago suburb of Aurora, Illinois, I am a senior Theology major, biology minor, pursuing a Physician’s Assistant program after graduation. Sophomore year I was in Cortina and last year I worked as a Campus Ministry Intern, learning an incredible amount about what they do, how it works, and the vocation of ministry as a whole. I have led a Service Trip to Montgomery, AL and have been a participant to Albuquerque, NM and Sioux City, IA. I am involved in work with Tiny Hands International, a non-profit organization working to combat human trafficking in Nepal, with which I traveled to Kathmandu, Nepal for 6 weeks this summer to volunteer. I believe in the healing power of music and I’ve played guitar since I was 9. Laughter and a good sense of humor are things I treasure in myself and in others, I may or may not be addicted to caffeine, and I always enjoy a good bowl of Rice Krispie TREAT Cereal (there is a difference, I assure you). I’m undoubtedly looking forward to an amazing year!

Service & Justice Associates 2011-2012

Chris Boitano
Chris Boitano
I am a senior Biology major from the greatest city in the lower 48: Tacoma, WA. My adventures through Creighton have led me to Pine Ridge and Rosebud, SD, Chicago, IL, El Paso, TX, Mobile, AL, and the Dominican Republic. Over time I have found a passion for human rights in the developing world, specifically workers’ wages. I enjoy walking with people as they become aware of how their lives affect people all over the world. I look forward to spending time in the CCSJ this year as well as being a resident advisor in Kiewit Hall and a CSU representative. I also enjoy running and causing trouble with my friend Ricky the wallaby.
Nick George
Nick George
Que lo que!? The name’s Nick Brady George or just Nick for short. It’s a pleasure to be working for the CCSJ again. In case you would like to know a little more about me, I am a senior form Wichita, KS studying Biology and Spanish with a dash of Public Health. Someday, I hope to work for an NGO as a physician doing international work with a focus on Latin America and the Domincan Republic. I’ve been abroad a few times and have absolutely loved it! If you care to find me around campus, I work with a couple of organizations including Legado de Compasión and Spanish Club. Some of my hobbies are wrangling cattle (as seen to in the photo), playing ultimate frisbee, dominating a game of nerts (or blitz as some like to call it), and jamming to some música latina. Hopefully you will enjoy working with us and the CCSJ, and I can’t wait for an awesome year! Feel free to stop by and chat whenever. We are here for you!
Steph Haas
Steph Haas
I am a senior Exercise Science major from Davenport, Iowa. I love my major, but my passions lie in serving others. Outside of the CCSJ, I am involved in Residence Life as the Assistant Resident Director in Gallagher and the Historian for the Gender and Sexuality Alliance. I love spending time outside and with my friends when I’m not busy, as well as playing and watching sports. I’ve had many outstanding experiences with the CCSJ including but not limited to a service trip each semester since spring 2010. I recently completed a summer internship with Mason Apartments (a Mercy Housing community), where I worked with children and refugees and discovered more about life every day. I live for amplifying happiness and self-worth in others and for Gandhi’s words, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
Bill Kusek
Bill Kusek
I am from Albion, NE working on a biology major with a Spanish minor and serve as an RA for Gallagher Hall. I plan to go to optometry school after graduation in May. I love camping, hiking, running, canoeing, taking pictures and spending time outdoors. The Cortina program introduced me to the joy of service and I have been on service trips through the CCSJ to the L’Arche Community in Clinton, Iowa, and Pixan Ixim in Omaha. This past spring I lead a group on a trip to Cleveland, Ohio. I love the people and the work of the CCSJ and am continually hungry to learn about the issues present in society and how I fit in that picture. I am here living, sharing life, and discovering who I am. Come find me anytime to talk or share stupid jokes!

IFTJ Core Team 2012-2013

Roselle Agdipa

Hello there! I’m a Sophomore Social Work major with a Legal Studies minor on the Pre-Law track. I’m from half-way across the country, San Jose, California. This year I will be living in the Cortina community and will happily hike the stairs to the top floor as long as I get to experience the wonderfulness that is Cortina. I fell in love with the CCSJ before I was even a freshmen, when I saw the large group of Creighton students at IFTJ (Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice) when I was a senior in high school. Although the Teach-In was not the only reason I choose to attend Creighton for college, it is one of the reasons. I am so stoked to work at the CCSJ this year. Outside of the CCSJ you can see me walking backwards down the mall giving tours for Admissions or moving my hips with the Hui’ o Hawaii girls during the annual Lu’au. I absolutely love Creighton and am so excited to be a part of the CCSJ this year.

Anna Ferguson

Hello, hello! My name is Anna Ferguson, I am a sophomore from Wheaton, IL, which is a suburb just West of the Windy City, and, yes, I am a PROUD Cubs fan! I am currently pursuing a double major in Theology and Journalism, which are two huge passions of mine. Writing and faith, what could be better? The oldest of six girls, I come from a lively family who instilled in me a desire to serve and learn as much as I can about the less fortunate around me. I was blessed with a very active and faithful youth group community throughout high school that continued to foster my passion for service to others. I spent five summers traveling with them to different cities within the U.S., doing mission work and growing in my faith. That experience, combined with the service work I dove into when I came to Creighton last year, led me to the CCSJ. Through the Freshman Leadership Program, the IFTJ trip, a Spring Break Service & Justice Trip in Detroit, and the Creighton Cleanup, my sense of service and, especially solidarity, deepened significantly. A life immersed in simplicity, service, and solidarity became my source of energy and meaning at Creighton, and the CCSJ was the perfect place to find that. I am excited to work on the Communications team and the IFTJ planning team this year and can’t wait to see how much I learn in that process! Along with service and writing, other passions of mine include reading, spending time with friends, and any outdoor activity, but most especially camping, hiking, and climbing. Future plans include studying in the Dominican Republic (hopefully) and continuing my summer job at The Pines Catholic Camp in Big Sandy, TX.

Michelle Villegas

Hola! I am a political science major from Chicago, IL with a passion for social justice. I first got involved with the CCSJ the first semester of my freshman year through the IFTJ trip to Washington D.C. IFTJ led me to become more involved in the office as a member of the Ignatian Advocacy Team and Immigration advocacy group. This summer I had the privilege of participating in an internship with Interfaith Worker Justice in Chicago with the support of the CCSJ. I am beyond excited to be working in the CCSJ this year and to continue to grow in and learn from our community.Aside from school, I love coffee shops, used book stores and chocolate. I enjoy reading classic novels and watching foreign films, and I am a huge fan of music, any and almost every genre. I tend to have a “half-glass full” view on things. I like to laugh, give hugs, and day-dream. I am excited to make new friends through the CCSJ, hear their stories, have new experiences and learn a little bit more about myself through all of it.

Bianca Jinete Mejia
Bio coming soon.