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April Wisconsin Province Social-International E-news

Jesuit Archbishop in Peru Receives Death Threats: Jesuit Archbishop Pedro Baretto (Huancayo, Peru) has received death threats for his recent statement calling for responsible environmental regulation of a multi-metallic smelter in La Oroya. The smelter has been operated by Doe Run Peru a subsidiary of Renco Group (US privately held company) and was forced to [...]



CCSJ Weekly Update: Apr 20 – Apr 29

Featured Events: CCSJ Feedback & Survey The CCSJ is seeking feedback regarding our media usage, communication methods, and social media usage. We want to see what you think about our Facebook, Twitter, and Flicker pages, as well as the CCSJ webpage. Please help us better inform and serve you by filling out this brief, 5 [...]

CCSJ Weekly Update: Apr. 9 – Apr. 15

Featured Events: Save the Date: Post-Graduation Volunteer and Religious Life Missioning Ceremony Save the date for the 2012 Post-Graduate Volunteer and Religious Life Missioning Ceremony. The ceremony will take place from 10:30-11:15 am on Friday, May 11, 2012. Join Fr. Timothy Lannon, S.J., President of Creighton University and Fr. Andy Alexander, S.J., Vice President for [...]


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March Wisconsin Province Social-International E-news

Kony 2012 Video – Considerations for Reflection: This now-viral youtube video produced by the group Invisible Children has become the most recent cause célèbre and is most likely attracting wide attention across campuses and parishes (both Jesuit and non-Jesuit). The video launched the “Kony 2012” campaign and seems to employ a threefold strategy: information/education, fund-raising/sales [...]

February Social-International Ministries Newsletter

February 2012 E-news: Social-International Ministries Drew Christiansen Reflects on What Iraq has Taught us about a Just War: America editor develops three lessons in this Washington Post opinion column: 1. Beware of politicians employing intelligence to persuade; 2. Those who employ the Just War need to have the courage of their convictions and condemn a [...]


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Peace: Promote Long-term Peace & Stability in Sudan

Catholic Relief Services After decades of war between the north and south, the people of southern Sudan voted to become the world’s newest nation on July 9, 2011. However, the long-term peace and stability in all of Sudan is at a critical juncture.Political tensions and allegations of attacks on civilians in the border areas of [...]

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Poverty: Protect the Least of your Brothers & Sisters…

Famine grips East Africa, floods ravage South Asia What’s the issue? Your Catholic faith teaches you to protect people who are hungry, thirsty, seeking refuge and care. Life-saving poverty-focused international assistance that fights hunger, disease and makes communities facing natural disasters more resilient, such as those in East Africa and South Asia, makes up less [...]

Eastern Africa Famine Update – September 2011

Eastern Africa Hunger Crisis Update – September 15, 2011 One month ago, the Jesuit Conference issued a statement regarding the hunger crisis gripping Eastern Africa. I am grateful for all those who have prayerfully considered this humanitarian catastrophe and for those who have responded with expressions of concern and also their financial gifts. To encourage [...]


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Jesuit Conference Statement Regarding the Hunger Crisis in the Horn of Africa

We pray for all those suffering from drought, hunger, displacement and famine in the Horn of Africa. According to the UN, over 12 million people are in need of emergency assistance, primarily in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia, and the famine has not yet peaked. Many are wondering how best to assist. The Society of Jesus [...]