Host Sites

Half Week Trips (5 full days)

Omaha, NE Siena/Francis House

Homelessness in Omaha: Getting to know our Neighbors

As with all our half week trips, this is definitely more of an immersion rather than a service trip. You are invited to experience the realities of homelessness and the care and advocacy offered right here in our own city. Live with the guests at our local community partner Siena/Francis House, which focuses on meeting basic needs and accompanying people along their recovery process. You will also sleep in the shelter. Ministry of presence is the primary component of this trip. A lot of time will be spent hearing the stories of the guests there, many of whom are experiencing mental illness or addiction, in formal meetings and informal time spent in the day shelter and during meals.

Siena/Francis House, National Coalition for the Homeless, SCSJ Economic Justice Priority

Omaha, NE – Sustainability Immersion

Want to know more about food, energy, water, waste and transportation in Omaha? Visit local non-profits and meet with local sustainability experts to hear how they are working with the Omaha community to create a more sustainable world. Learn where recycling goes in Omaha, spend the whole 5 days only walking and using the bus, and make connections with organizations in Omaha you can return to. Coordinators will do a lot of hands-on setting up with the local agencies. This sustainability seminar seeks to educate and engage Creighton students about these issues in order that we might begin to create a more sustainable community here at Creighton and beyond.

City Sprouts Omaha, Creighton University Sustainability Council, SCSJ Sustainability/Environmental Justice Priority

Omaha, NE – Refugee Immersion

Omaha is the receiving community for hundreds of refugees each year,and 68131 is the most diverse zip code community in Nebraska. If you are interested in helping to create a welcoming community for recent arrivals, this trip is right for you. Participants will learn about the realities of refugees and the resettlement process, as well as the opportunities and challenges that face them in Omaha. Participants will work with local community partners and participating in various service opportunities including cleaning, tutoring English, Driver’s Ed, Citizenship Test Civics, teaching job skills, and more.

Recommended movie: Lost Boys of Sudan, available at the Reinert-Alumni Library.

The Sudanese Referendum for Independence, Mercy Housing, Creighton’s “In Community with Omaha’s South Sudanese”, SCSJ Migration Justice Priority

Omaha, NE – North Omaha Immersion

North Omaha is a community rich in history and culture. 24th street is called the “Street of Dreams.” During this local immersion, participants will visit significant historical sites and working with local community partners to learn about racial justice movements of the past and present. Students will learn about the history of the Near North side and hear from organizers working on community and economic development. Students will visit local non-profits to learn about Creighton’s neighbors, Civil Rights History, community assets and future development plans. To start, or continue, your learning you can watch the documentary Street of Dreams.

SCSJ Economic Justice Priority, Gesu Housing, Empowerment Network, Omaha Economic Development Corporation, Family Housing Advisory Services Inc

Full Week Trips

Albuquerque, NM – St. Martin’s Hospitality Center

Ministry of presence with homeless guests in New Mexico

Students will be interacting daily with men and women experiencing homelessness. There will be meetings with those who work on behalf of the poor. Students will spend their days talking with and spending time with shelter guests. This will help students understand poverty, injustice, and suffering in the area. St. Martin’s Hospitality Center is a day shelter that serves 250-300 clients daily. The Hospitality Center provide showers, clothing, storage, and three hot meals every day and participants will have the opportunity to serve and staff the various stations around the shelter. In addition we have a full range of behavioral services, case management, job development, and client advocacy. Students will have the opportunity to visit Art Street, a local studio which is open to St. Martin’s clients.

St. Martin’s Hospitality Center, National Coalition for the Homeless, US Conference of Catholic Bishops Economic Justice

Axtell, NE – Mosaic Bethphage Village

Many of the over 100 persons who live at Bethphage Village in our service have multiple disabilities and therefore are some of society’s most vulnerable. Individuals live in group home settings and the feel of community is palpable. The students will have the opportunity to get to know a wide variety of personalities and backgrounds. Life is both robust and reflective in the Village. People are celebrated and compassionately cared for. Participants will have an opportunity to build relationships with those at the Village through visits, tutoring, playing with children, and the elderly. They will also engage the often hidden civil rights issues faced by those with special needs. Time at Bethphage Village will sensitize students and inspire them to offer a “voice” for those whose voice is often not heard.

Cleveland, OH – Catholic Worker

Gentrification and Homelessness: The Cleveland Catholic Worker House offers a week-long socioeconomic immersion experience in Cleveland, in the Ohio City neighborhood. Students live as part of the Catholic Worker community, as well as part of the larger neighborhood community that is diverse economically, racially, and socially. The experience includes volunteering with many different social services in the area including meal programs and getting to know the neighborhood and understanding its socioeconomic circumstances, especially the changes brought by gentrification in recent years.

Catholic Worker Movement, History of Ohio City, Cleveland, Poverty in Cleveland, US Conference of Catholic Bishops Economic Justice

Clinton, IA – The Joy of Communal Living at L’Arche

Students will be traveling to Clinton to live in a L’Arche community. L’Arche communities are homes for Core Members who have intellectual disabilities and their Assistants who work and live with them. Students will be sharing in community life and get to know the Core Members and Assistants and help with the day to day operations of the houses, such as getting ready in the morning, doing chores around the homes during the day, helping to prepare dinner, and evening activities. The L’Arche mission is to create homes of welcome, to appreciate the unique gifts of each person and to respond to each one’s needs.

Chicago, IL – Pilsen

The Pilsen neighborhood on the near west side of Chicago is a vibrant Latino community. Your hosts will be the staff of the Poder Center (an English as a Second Language and community center). The group lives and cooks its meals at the rectory of the Jesuit-run Catholic parish of St. Procopius. Service opportunities include tutoring adults at the Poder Center, tutoring children at St. Procopius elementary school, and serving at the parish soup kitchen and clothing depository. Groups learn about intersectional local social justice issues and the local culture from a variety of experiences: talking with the youth group, eating dinner with parish families in their homes, touring the innovative and renowned Cristo Rey Jesuit High School and visiting the local Mexican Fine Arts Museum.

Denver, CO – Colorado Vincentian Volunteers

Variety of Direct Service in an Inner City

A staff of current volunteers and former volunteers of the Colorado Vincentian Volunteer (CVV) program are the hosts of the Denver group. CVVs service work includes, but is not limited to, education, emergency assistance, homeless assistance, job training, women’s services, and health services. The Denver area encompasses a diverse but economically poor community. Topics covered in Denver include homelessness, poverty, immigration, environmental issues, and more. Participants at this site sleep and cook meals at Casa Karibu, home of a Maryknoll Lay Missioner family who often hosts returned missioners on the first floor for ‘re-entry’ adjustment time. Social Justice and Catholic social thought ground the work of the volunteers in the CVV program and their reflections. The site participants go to a variety of sites throughout the week, performing various types of service and developing relationships with some of Denver’s finest.

Colorado Vincentian Volunteers, Casa Karibu Sze-Ming

East St. Louis, IL – Hubbard House

Students will have opportunities to work with outreach organizations in East St. Louis and perform a variety of direct service depending on community needs. Meet the staff and community members who are working tirelessly to improve their community. Students may work in a soup kitchen, thrift store or in school based setting. The students will stay at Hubbard House, whose mission is to “serve those who serve” by providing housing and meals as needed for area volunteers. Hubbard House provides a forum for discussing why there is poverty, why people continue to be poorer and why the “system” does not support the needs of the poor. There is a large focus on education and how it affects the cycle of poverty. Incorporated within this process are opportunities for advocacy and discussing systemic change that will lead you to ask, “What can I do about it?”

Hubbard House, Information about Joe Hubbard and Founding of Hubbard House, US Conference of Catholic Bishops Economic Justice

El Paso, TX – Annunciation House

The objective of the Border Awareness Experience at the Annunciation House is to facilitate face to face meetings and encounters, through living in a house with famiies and their children, between participants and people and groups on both sides of the Border. It intends to raise consciousness in the ‘first world’ about the issues facing the peoples of the ‘third world’ and the effects of unjust economic policies on their lives. It is an opportunity to listen to different perspectives and opinions about issues such as immigration, economic development, human rights, and social justice. It seeks to put a face on the immigrant, the factory worker, the refugee, and the Border Patrol Agent.

Relevant video here

El Paso, TX – Columban Border Immersion

Hearing peoples’ stories and accompanying them will be the focus of this trip. You will talk with community members about the pressures, challenges and joys of living and working along the border; additionally, learning about the violence in Juarez and the challenges of immigration, migration, land rights, economics, and sustainability. Students will stay at the Columban Mission Center, which has been refurbished in a sustainable way. Hands on service will be extremely limited but may include a day working on a community garden in the area and cooking a meal for hosts. Be present for Ministry of accompaniment, listening to service and supporting community efforts. Although you will not be crossing the border, you are required to have a valid United States ID and a passport with you.

Columban Advocacy & Outreach, Justice for Immigrants,Video about Lomas del Poleo Land Dispute

Kansas City, KS – Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth

Creighton Alumni helped shape this memorable trip. Participants will serve and learn in the Kansas City metro area in a wide variety of ministries. This is a great way to understand the challenges faced by people experiencing hunger, homelessness or poverty, and what area organizations are doing to reach out to affected populations. Participants may take part in a variety of direct service depending on the current needs of the community. The Sisters of Charity share their space, community, experience, reflection, prayer and love of KC.

Lincoln, NE – ShadowBrook Farm

See what it’s like to work on a farm for a week at 
ShadowBrook Farm, a small, family-owned vegetable farm committed to sustainable farming practices anddevoted to being good stewards of our land. They aim to promote and enable a “regional food system” where food is sold directly to the consumer rather than traveling many miles to reach your plate. ShadowBrooks’s goal is to plant green manure crops in a third of their vegetable ground annually, using grass-based beef cows as part of their rotation, alongside a herd of dairy goats that are used for the farm’s dairy needs. Using 4 hoop-houses, Shadobrook Farm is also able to produce vegetables for ten months a year. Participants have the opportunity to make goat cheese, maintain the farm, and should expect to do work in the outdoors.

ShadowBrook Farm, Green America

Memphis, TN – Serve 901

Students will have the chance to explore a variety of service and justice opportunities around the city of Memphis during this trip. Early in the trip, participants will visit the National Civil Rights’ Museum and then throughout the week have the chance to reflect on what they learn as they see more of Memphis and the de facto segregation still in existence. Students will spend a large part of their time serving at Our Lady of Sorrows, a grade school in Frayser. Participants will also serve at Manna House, a place of hospitality for those experiencing homelessness and poverty in Memphis, and learn about sustainable gardening in Orange Mound.

Mobile, AL

Participants for this trip will be living and working with Catholic Service Center, a part of Catholic Charities and living with the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. Service will include engaging with people experiencing poverty, organizing a clothing store, and working in Bayou La Batre (a very poor area in the southern part of Mobile County that was hit hard by Hurricane Katrina and is currently being affected by the gulf oil spill).

Bayou La Batre, Gulf Oil Spill Blog

Montgomery, AL – Resurrection Catholic Missions

Resurrection Catholic Missions reaches out to the community around it. Participants will take part in a variety of service depending on the current needs of the community, which may include working in Resurrection Catholic School (tutoring, P.E., reading, etc.), assisting with the outreach programs (cleaning homes, yard work, delivering meals), gardening, and visiting local adult group homes. The trip will also include learning and discussing the role of the civil rights in Montgomery and visiting local significant historical sites for the movement.

Resurrection Catholic Missions, US Conference of Catholic Bishops Economic Justice

Morton, MS – Excel Community & Learning Center

The Excel program in Morton, MS provides tutoring, GED classes, adult on-going learning classes, computer classes, and a number of support groups for various interests. Excel is a non-profit organization located in 3 locations outside of Jackson, MS. Many communities are very segregated with high poverty and illiteracy rates. The participants will have the opportunity to learn about the reality in those communities, as well as help in the tutoring program and learn about civil rights from community leaders. The Morton community also works with immigrant integration programs such as ESL and teaching local business owners Spanish. Area poultry plants are a draw for new workers.  Spending time with the OSF as well as historic tours are some of the highlights of this trip. On the drive down to Morton, there is a stop at the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis.

New Orleans, LA – Duchesne House

Creighton students have been going on Service Trips to the Gulf Coast since 1997. There was a large interest in trips to New Orleans immediately following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and through a partnership with the St. Bernard Project, Creighton Students have been able to be a part of the rebuilding process. The ongoning rebuilding process is more than just providing houses for people, and by staying with the Duchesne House students will learn about the unseen effects that Katrina had on the city by engaging the issues of education, healthcare, poverty, and numerous other topics.  While staying at the Duchesne House students will have the opportunity to hear many individual stories from those that participated in the Civil Rights Movement.

Duchesne House, Jesuit Social Research Institute

New Orleans, LA – House of Charity

A Charity Federation, Sisters and Daughters of Charity from all over the country, host this trip. Through a partnership with the House of Charity and St. Bernard’s Project, Creighton Students have been able to be a part of the rebuilding and restoration process in New Orleans. Service opportunities include general home repair and rebuilding, e.g. finishing drywall and mudding. The rebuilding process is more than just providing homes for people. Hearing personal stories gives students the opportunity to see the challenges that remain. Meeting the homeowners is a favorite part of this trip. The Sisters at the House of Charity provide a welcoming environment to help students process, reflect and serve during this trip.

Jesuit Social Research Institute

St. Mary of the Woods, IN

The Sisters of Providence at the White Violet Eco-Center introduce the principles of eco-justice and Providence Spirituality while engaging in service at and around Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, near Terre Haute, Indiana. The service sites will alternate between the White Violet Center for Eco-Justice (includes organically certified farmland, orchards and gardens), Catholic Charities and St. Ann Clinic. There will also be maintenance in our organic gardens, assistance with daily alpaca care, work on our nature trail, working in landscaped areas near WVC buildings, and orchard maintenance. Participants will assist in annual cleaning tasks such as cleaning alpaca pens and fans, cleaning and putting up bluebird boxes, alpaca fiber program, recycling and biomass program, and cleaning.

Sisters of Providence of St. Mary-of-the-Woods, White Violet Center for Eco-Justice

Stroud, OK – Habitat for Humanity

Do you know, or want to learn, how to build a house? Work with Stroud’s Habitat for Humanity chapter to build or prepare to build a home for a family in this warm Oklahoma community. “Habitat for Humanity benefits the community as much as it does individual families. Habitat homes are well built by community members and our home owners are proud and responsible neighbors.” This town is still in the process of rebuilding after an F-5 tornado hit in the late 90s which wiped out their economic centers.

Stroud Habitat for Humanity, National Low Income Housing Coalition

Wheeling, WV – Environmental Immersion

This environmental immersion through the Wheeling Appalachian Institute takes students throughout the state of West Virginia to learn about energy consumption and production, and its environmental and human costs. Students meet with both advocates and opponents for natural gas, coal, and other types of energy that show both sides of a complicated issue.  Participants will also learn about West Virginia history as well as the labor perspective and the history of labor involvement. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to become immersed into the rich West Virginian culture and be awed by the natural beauty of this wonderful and frequently misunderstood state.

Appalachian Institute at Wheeling Jesuit, Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining, Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, ABLE Families, Creighton University Sustainability Council.

Winnebago, NE – St. Augustine Indian Mission

Enjoy a nice drive an hour and a half north to a great experience with the Winnebago and Omaha tribe. You will be staying on the Winnebago reservation and engage with the local community as well as helping out in St. Augustine Mission school. You will gain an insight into the history of American Indians and learn about the cultures of the Winnebago and Omaha communities. You will also learn about the social issues including, poverty, education (at St. Augustine Indian Mission and School), and addiction.

St. Augustine Indian Mission.