Coordinator Information

Coordinating a Service & Justice Trip is one of the most rewarding and amazing leadership experience that Creighton offers. While you are responsible for the safety, logistics, and formation of your group, you are also in a unique position to accompany and challenge participants as they experience the world in a new way on a Service & Justice Trip. If you have previously been a participant on a Service & Justice Trip, you are eligible to apply for a coordinator position.


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1. Applications to coordinate a Spring 2019 trip are available now.

A note about the application process:

Because we are expecting a competitive coordinator application process for Spring 2019 Service & Justice Trips, it is extremely important to follow the steps of the application process closely. The steps for the application process are outlined below. Please note that it is critical that coordinators be able to attend the Day of Formation, which will take place on Saturday November 17, 2018 from 8:00 am-5:00 pm.

If you are going to be studying abroad during the Spring Semester but would like to coordinate a Fall 2019 trip, please go through the application process now. You will have attend Day of Formation now, and will continue the remainder of your formation and training once you return to campus in Fall 2019.

Please fill out the online portion of the application and submit it by November 6. Please plan for 30-60 minutes as there are essays, and you are not able to save your application and return at a later time. If you begin the application, it may be submitted to us even if it is not complete, please plan to complete it in one sitting to avoid duplicate applications.

You will need to stop by the SCSJ office by November 6 to sign up for an interview. Come as soon as you can to assure that you get a spot. A 20-25 minute interview will take place on November 8 or 9; no need to dress up.

2. Complete the interview (November 8 or 9).

  • The interview is an opportunity for Core Team to get to know you better. Because our main focus during the interview is your answers, we do not need you to dress up.
  • We will be deliberating on applicants after we finish all the interviews.
  • Work Sample (please bring to your interview):
    • As a way to gather new creative ideas for our committees and program in general, we are asking coordinators to bring to their interviews a sample of what they offer as a coordinator to the Service & Justice Trips Program. Thinking of our events and looking at the roles of a coordinator, feel free to bring in anything that shows your talent (other than your outline of a reflection which you already included in your application). This could be a letter to a family member telling them about your trip that we could use in our fundraising material or as an advocacy piece, a new way to present a pillar at a general meeting, or something creative such as T-shirt design idea or a new flyer layout.

3. Day of Formation

We will let coordinator applicants know shortly after they interview whether they have received an invitation to come to Day of Formation on Saturday, November 17 from 8 am – 5 pm. Day of Formation is an off-campus leadership development experience that prepares coordinator applicants for the rigors of leading a Service & Justice Trip. It also serves as one final touch point to see applicants in action (in a non-interview setting) before extending our final coordinator acceptances. We want to make sure that we’re not placing any students in a leadership situation where they aren’t going to thrive and be successful. We’ll follow up with all coordinator applicants after Day of Formation to confirm their status for Spring Break.

4. Complete the following in the SCSJ Office (Harper 2067) on November 26 or 27:

  1. Your deposit of $50. We accept cash, check or credit card in the office. This deposit will be subtracted from your payment of $225 for a full-week trip, or $125 for a half-week trip.
  2. Because of timing, payments will only be accepted on November 26 or 27  in our office.
  3. There are a limited number of need-based student scholarships available. Those will be due November 20.
    • Payments will not be deposited until you have been offered a position and accepted. If you withdraw from a trip after the end of fall semester 2018, no refund will be available. If you are not selected as a coordinator, we are able to transfer your deposit and application to the fall 2018 participant list.

Fall 2018 Service & Justice Trips Dates

Event Date Time Location
Coordinator Applications Due Nov. 6  N/A  Online
Coordinator Interviews Nov. 8 & 9  8 AM – 5 PM  SCSJ
Day of Formation Nov. 17 8 AM – 5 PM Boys & Girls Club
Scholarship Applications Due Nov. 20  N/A  Online
Coordinator & Participant Trips Deposits Due Nov. 26 and 27  8 AM – 4:30 PM  SCSJ
Participant Interviews (Help Facilitate) Nov. 29 8-9 PM or 9-10 PM  Harper 3023
Coordinator Reveal Dec. 9 1 PM SCSJ
Last Day to Withdraw and Get Refund Dec. 14  N/A  SCSJ
Coordinator Meeting* 1 Jan. 24 9-11 PM Harper 3023
Coordinator Meeting* 2 Jan. 31 9-11 PM Harper 3023
Participant Reveal and Group Bonding Feb. 7 9-10:30 PM SCSJ
General Meeting* 1 Feb. 14 9-10:30 PM Harper Ballroom
General Meeting* 2 Feb. 21 9-10:30 PM Skutt Ballroom
General Meeting* 3 Feb. 28 9-10:30 PM Harper Ballroom
Spring Send Off Service March 7 9-10 PM St. John’s Church
SBSJT Reunion March 21 9-10:30 PM Harper Ballroom