Service & Justice Trips Applications

Below is the information about the three required pieces of a complete Service & Justice Trips participant application.
If you missed out on applying for a Fall 2017 trip during the spring semester, or if you’re an incoming student, we have a limited number of spots still available.
Apply now!

Coordinator applications are due in November for Spring Break 2017.
Find out more on the Coordinator Information page.

1. Apply now online for a Fall 2017 trip.

In addition to the standard information that most applications ask for, the online application also has several brief essays and asks applicants to rank social justice issues they might be interested in learning about on a trip. The application takes about half an hour, and there is no way to save and come back. Please plan accordingly.

All applications are for the general Service & Justice Trips Program and not for a specific site. We will take into consideration your preferences but we can offer no placement guarantees.

2. Make your deposit.

A $50 deposit is required to hold your spot in the program. Payments of cash, check, or credit card will be accepted. The cost of the entire trip is $330 for full week and $230 for 5-day Omaha trips. The remaining balance of your payment will be due in August. Costs are offset by SCSJ fundraising.

Your $50 deposit is refundable until the end of spring semester 2017, should you choose not to participate in the program. If you withdraw your application after that point, up to $150 of the payment may be refunded. Should you choose not to participate in the program after placement has occurred, no portion of the payment is refundable because costs have been incurred on your behalf to prepare for the trips.

There are a limited number of need-based student scholarships available. Apply online.

3. Interviews

The third and final part the application process is signing up for, and participating in one of the two-session group interviews to be held on April 20th (or individually by appointment for applicants after April 20th). The interview is an opportunity for us to get to know you a little better, to give you a feel for the type of reflection we do on the trips, to see how you interact in a small group setting, and for you to get your questions about Service & Justice Trips answered. You will sign up for an interview in the SCSJ when you make your deposit. Interviews are informal; no need to dress up. If you are studying abroad, please contact Jeff Peak to set up a Skype interview.

E-mail Jeff Peak if you have questions about the interview process.

General Information

  • If you will be under 19 years old at any point during Fall Break 2017, please download the “Service & Justice Trips Under 19 Release Form.” You and a parent or guardian must both sign the document and return it by the time of your trip. You can e-mail it to Jeff Peak, or fax it to the SCSJ at 402.280.1259.
  • Participants will be notified before semester break if they have been accepted to the program. Participants will find out before the first General Meeting where they are going on their trips.
  • Our coordinators are of all ages, sophomores-seniors and a few graduate students.
  • Before break, each Service & Justice Trips participant is required to complete Creighton’s Children and Vulnerable Adults training.
  • There are a limited number of spots available. Once we reach our capacity number based on completed applications (including deposit and interview sign up), any additional applicant will be placed on the waiting list.

Important Dates: 2017 Spring & Fall Break Service & Justice Trips

Event Date Time Location
General Meeting* 1 September 21 9-11 PM Harper Ballroom
General Meeting* 2 September 28 9-11 PM Harper Ballroom
General Meeting* 3 October 5 9-11 PM Harper Ballroom
Fall Send Off Service October 12 9-10 PM St. John’s Church
FBSJT Reunion October 26 9-10:30 PM Harper Ballroom