After a Service and Justice Trip, Now What?

172 of us from the Creighton Center for Service and Justice served and learned during Fall Break 2012, in addition to the 129 who went this Spring 2013. We witnessed challenging situations, engaged prophetic people, heard powerful stories, and helped where we could. The challenge for us now is to decide what to do with our experiences. “Now What?”
We offer here a few suggestions of how to get involved here in Omaha and beyond. We do not have all the answers, but we can help you to stay engaged in the seven pillars of the Service & Justice Trip program while you ask better questions and live into the answers.
Please come by the CCSJ to talk to someone for more information or about more options.

Also, check out the Trip Specific Opportunities page to view volunteer opportunities similar to what you did on your service trip. (to be updated soon)

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Read about the seven pillars of the Service & Justice Trips program

“If every American donated five hours a week, it would equal the labor of 20 million full-time volunteers.” – Whoopi Goldberg

  • Participate in local community organizing events (Omaha Together One Community, etc)
  • Think of no one as “them”
  • Notice the workings of power and privilege in your culture
  • Know how your lettuce and coffee are grown: wake up and smell the exploitation
  • Visit people, places, and cultures- not tourist attractions
  • Watch films with subtitles, learn another language, culture and history
    Know that no one is silent though many are not heard, work to change this
  • View Fr. Boyle and his talk about working with LA gangs as part of Homeboy Industries
  • The U.S. bishops say “at the core of the virtue of solidarity is the pursuit of justice and peace. Our love for all our sisters and brothers demands that we promote peace in a world surrounded by violence and conflict.”

  • Service & Justice Trip Gatherings (FBSJT Reunion: Sunday Oct. 27 2013 from 2-3:30 pm in Harper Ballroom)
  • Keep in contact with your Service & Justice Trip group, write letters to your host site- consider spending more time with them
  • Join a service, justice or cultural student organization
  • Consider the Cortina Community for sophomores.
  • Consider studying abroad with the Encuentro Dominicano program
  • Go to conferences to meet others doing similar things across the country (Fair Trade, Sweat-free, Hunger & Homelessness)
  • Get to know East Omaha on an East Omaha Community Orientation through the CCSJ

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Compost
  • Clean out your closet- donate anything that you don’t use
  • If you have to buy something, consider buying second-hand
  • Fix or sew what you can instead of buying something new
  • Take time to listen to people’s stories
  • Go for a week without TV, iPods, E-Mail.
  • Story of Stuff
  • The Great Garbage Patch
  • Check out the Green America website

  • Support sustainable agriculture
  • buy locally- at farmers’ markets across Omaha- downtown on Saturday mornings). Before or after farmer’s market, check out Shadowbrook Farms
  • Check out the Nebraska Food Co-op
  • Learn about vegetarian options
  • Buy organic (try Whole Foods or Jane’s Health Market in Benson)
  • Walk, ride a bike, carpool or use the shuttle, try riding the bus
  • Bring your own shopping bags
  • Local Sustainable Education on the news in Omaha about bottled water.
  • Support the idea of building green buildings on campus
  • Conserve! When It Comes To Shampoo, Less Is More.
  • Check out Washington DC’s Lenten Carbon Fast for ideas on reducing your carbon footprint

  • Sign up for Soup & Stories Thursday, Nov. 7, 2013 from 11:30-1pm (Lower St. John’s) to tell the CU community about what you learned and how you grew over break
  • Consider joining a small faith sharing group “L.I.F.E.” (contact Campus Ministry)
  • Keep a Journal or Blog (send your Service & Justice Trip reflections to to be put on the CCSJ website)
  • Seek out a spiritual advisor/mentor
  • Go on a retreat
  • Take a Faith and Moral Development course (Justice & Peace Studies)
  • Do highs and lows with your roommate(s)
  • Do a daily examen, yoga, meditate or pray with your faith tradition

Ready for another experience?

  • Go on an another service or immersion experience.
  • Coordinate next year’s Service & Justice Trips (applications are available each October for the following year)
  • Consider Post-Graduate Volunteer work
  • Work or Intern with a non-profit this summer! (Check out the Career & Academic Planning Program)