Justice & Advocacy

In addition to drawing near in friendship to those who suffer and letting ourselves feel and face the threats to the health of our one world, we encourage students to take action on their own as well as with groups working to expose and change systems and structures that perpetuate violence and injustice.

Learn more about our student led Ignatian Advocacy Groups for Fall 2014:

Peace, Non-Violence, & Human Rights Group
Mondays 5-6 pm in the CCSJ (Harper 2067)
Contact: RoselleAgdipa@creighton.edu or BridgetStukel@creighton.edu

Ecology & Management of Natural and Mineral Resources (Sustainability)
Mondays 6:30-7:30 pm in the CCSJ (Harper 2067)
Contact: HannahMullally@creighton.edu

Economic Justice & Access to Education
Mondays 7-8 pm in the CCSJ (Harper 2067)
Contact: MichelleVillegas@creighton.edu, LeahSchaffer@creighton.edu, JackAnderson@creighton.edu

Migration: Refugees and Immigrants
TBD in the CCSJ (Harper 2067)
Contact: IanFallon@creighton.edu, MariaBenevento@creighton.edu or VictoriaAcosta@creighton.edu

Our efforts are coordinated by a directive student team called “Ignatian Advocacy Team.”
Read our summary handout and about our model.