In his 1967 encyclical Populorum Progressio, Pope Paul VI wrote, “[H]unger for education is no less debasing than hunger for food: an illiterate is a person with an undernourished mind. To be able to read and write, to acquire a professional formation, means to recover confidence in oneself and to discover that one can progress along with the others.” In 1971, the World Synod of Catholic Bishops echoed this sentiment in Justicia in Mundo, explaining that “educational method must be such as to teach people to live their lives in its entire reality and in accord with the evangelical principles of personal and social morality which are expressed in the vital Christian witness of one’s life.” The SCSJ seeks to put these teachings into action, recognizing that education is the foundation for a more peaceful world. We aim to advocate for those those adults, children, and communities where an adequate and life-giving education is out of reach.

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