Ignatian Advocacy

In addition to drawing near in friendship to those who suffer and letting ourselves feel and face the threats to the health of our one world, the SCSJ encourages students to take action on their own as well as with groups working to expose and change systems and structures that perpetuate violence and injustice.

To get a feel for advocacy, watch this video from Amnesty International, and check out the Catholic Relief Services advocacy blog. For further reflection, participate in the US Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Reflection Series on Faithful Citizenship. Click on each of our priorities below to find relevant information, and specified resources.

Explore Ignatian Advocacy Priorities

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Migration Justice

The SCSJ is committed to a vision of migration based on human dignity, and advocates for the refugees and immigrants who experience unjust treatment.

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Environmental Justice

The SCSJ aims to promote stewardship and sustainable practices, and advocate for creation, vulnerable populations, and future generations.

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Take Action

The SCSJ advocacy groups focus on these priorities to provide opportunities for students to live out the mission of being for and with the poor and marginalized.

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Explore Ignatian Advocacy Events & Resources


Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice

The 3-day event where participants network with other students and address today’s justice priorities in the spirit of those who have worked for justice before us.

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Advocacy Resources

In suggesting opportunities relevant to our work, the SCSJ relies on the research, expertise, and experience of trusted local, national, and international partners.

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Humanitarian Relief

Discover the opportunities you have to aid those experiencing natural disasters, illness, and injustices around the world.

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