Deepening Conversations

Join us for the Deepening Conversations Series to follow up on your Service & Justice Trips. The Service & Justice Trip programs offer excellent opportunities to grow, learn, and engage in a community for a week. We witnessed challenging situations, engaged prophetic people, heard powerful stories, and helped where we could. The challenge for us now is to decide what to do with our experiences. “Now What?”

The purpose of this four-part series is to create an outlet for participants to expand on the experiences, conversations, reflections, and work for justice that occurred on you in-person or virtual Service and Justice Trip experience. You will engage in discussions about social justice issues, personal vocation, community engagement, approaching difficult conversations, implications of service, allyship, and advocacy.


Each session will have approximately 1 hour of content to engage, including articles, videos, podcasts, and activities. This content is asynchronous and can be done as your schedule allows. You will also be placed in a small group for reflection. Your full group will meet bi-weekley for content discussion and reflection. You will have the opportunity to hear and learn from other students who went on different Service and Justice Trips. Participants will select the best time/day that works for you in the application, and groups will be placed accordingly.


 Apply here!

Final Deadline: February 1, 2021