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Paradigm Shift – Milwaukee, WI

I am extremely privileged in life. The opportunities that have been afforded to me since I was a kid, have given me countless ways to better myself professionally, intellectually, and physically. On the Milwaukee Service and Justice trip, I finally understood the real chasm between my privilege and other’s disadvantages. Failing schools, crime-ridden neighborhoods, and [...]

House of Charity


Taking Simplicity To Heart – Intercultural Senior Center -Omaha, NE

Simplicity is a value that is easily lost for me, swept under the rug to make room for a host of priorities and responsibilities. I am always multitasking, making lists in my planner, and looking at my daunting iCalendar schedule, blocking out my time from 8AM-11PM. It is very difficult for me to pay attention, [...]


Service & Justice in Nearby Native American Reservations – Winnebago, NE

I didn’t go far this fall break. There weren’t any trips to beaches or escapes to somewhere warm before the next few months of Midwest winter. I didn’t catch up on homework or rest. Eight others and I went to the village of Winnebago. We arrived in Winnebago Saturday afternoon. We stayed at St. Augustine, [...]

Sisters of Charity

The New Orleans Community Post Hurricane Katrina – Sisters of Charity

The New Orleans Service and Justice Trip brought me more gifts than I ever expected, and I would not trade the experience for anything. When we arrived in New Orleans, we met with the Sisters of Charity, our hosts for the week. Sister Vickie, Sister Claire, Sister Peg, and Sister Monica took such good care [...]


Frustration, Community, and Hope – Albuquerque, NM

Frustration, community, and hope are the three words I use to describe my experience at St. Martin’s Hopeworks over fall break. These three concepts are definitely intertwined but each gave me so much grace that will carry me into my future of working for justice. Frustration. Our group worked with and for people experiencing homelessness [...]