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Patience and Community – Axtell, NE

There are not enough words to encapsulate our experience in Axtell. Blessed, fun, graciousness and rejuvenating are just a few that could top the list. The Mosaic community is something special and it was an experience I think that helped made us all better people. The residents who live in Mosaic have various mental and [...]



Sweet Home Mobile – Mobile, AL

Intention, community, comfort, open-mindedness. As we entered the week, these words and ideas were at the forefront of our thoughts. Our small group of five students each presented our goals, hopes and ambitions that we’d focus on during the week as we crowded our van to Mobile, Alabama. A group of five young girls embarking [...]

A Passion for English — Omaha, NE

In Burmese it’s Chay-tzoo-beh. In Thai it’s Tab bluh. In Somali it’s mahadsanid. These words are all spoken in different languages but ultimately have the same meaning: Thank you. These words were what I learned from my new found friends at the Yates Community Center every time English class had ended for the day. The thought [...]

Entering into the Uncertainty of Niobrara – Niobrara, NE

As we all walked in to the room we were staying, there was no doubt that there were doubts in my mind. Being the first Creighton students to travel to Niobrara, we had no idea what to expect. Our group knew that we would be interacting with members of the Ponca tribe, undergoing certain traditional [...]


Individuals Who Form a Community – Cleveland, OH

Anxious. Different. Uncomfortable. Uncertain.   Entering into the new and unfamiliar community of Cleveland, Ohio, these words flooded my mind as we drove into the city. I was excited for the opportunities of growth that the week would offer, yet extremely nervous for the uncertainty that laid ahead of me. Our week would be filled [...]


Communication in Relationships – Axtell, NE

Axtell, a small town thirty-minutes out from Kearney, Nebraska—large, open fields—long-straight roads as far as the eyes can see. Here, irrigation systems stand tall like prominent statues of the land. With a population of fewer than 1,000 people, this place easily felt like family. The drive to MOSAIC at Bethphage Village was windy and cold, [...]

Being Unreservedly Yourself

“Come up with me! Will you come up with me?!” A teenage girl named J. looked at me and eagerly asked that question as she yanked on my arm, practically dragging me out of the church pew we were sharing. It was Sunday afternoon at Mosaic Bethphage Village in Axtell, NE–where my Spring Break Service [...]

A little rain couldn't stop the Mosaic group from helping transport residents to their day-sites.


Lessons Learned from the Civil Rights Visionaries of Memphis

  Memphis has Soul Memphis, Tennessee is home to so much more than Graceland, delicious barbeque, and the intriguing duck march of the Peabody Hotel. At the heart of this city is a rich history and culture, with beams of light shining through the darkness. Similar to its influential musical roots and the glittering neon [...]