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Lighting the Darkness

Leaving for my service trip, I ached knowing I was also leaving my addictions: my phone, computer, social media, video games, and the regularity of our environment. I left the “black and white” for the “gray”. However I was about to realize, that leaving those things opened my eyes to the humanity around me. The [...]

The NOLA Experience

There is nothing that can adequately explain the bonds that were formed in the amazing city of New Orleans. These connections were established anywhere from cooking dinner as a group, reflecting about the day’s service late at night, or even jam sessions in a long van ride. It’s a bond that isn’t initially expected to [...]

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Immigration: The Realities, Reflection, and Justice

The discrepancy between hearing and experiencing an issue first-hand is so vast that each perspective seems like a completely different issue. Witnessing the issue of immigration reform in El Paso, Texas at the Columban Border Mission was one of the truest experiences I have ever had in my entire life. On one of our first [...]