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Tuesdays at Completely Kids

There are many joys that come from working in the CCSJ: the community and relationships with co-workers, helping to plan Service and Justice trips, and my personal favorite, weekly service sites. This year I have had the privilege of leading a group of students at Completely Kids, a non-profit organization providing after school services to [...]

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The Face Found in Service

By: Don Masse This was the first time I had been back to the Siena/Francis House since my freshman year. It was a long time ago, and a lot has happened since then. It has given me a new outlook on the shelter’s work and the people that are in its programs. Direct service has [...]


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Reflecting on Citizenship

Written by: Maureen Boyce (freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences) Volunteering at the Juan Diego Center this semester has changed my views on the immigration process. It gave me the unique opportunity to see this process from the perspective of an immigrant going through the arduous journey of gaining citizenship. It’s inspiring to [...]

Encountering an Amazing Community Here in Omaha

By Matthew Taira, ‘15 It has been just over a month since I came back from my Spring Break Service and Justice Trip, but not one day passes without thinking about the great experience I had at both Pixan Ixim and One World in South Omaha. At first, I was a little disappointed that I [...]

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Student Voice: Opening One’s Eyes to Immigration as a Human Issue

By Allison Dethlefs, ’15 Although immigration – and especially illegal immigration – is often seen as a political issue, I’ve come to see immigration more and more as a human issue: an issue of human rights, dignity, and decency. As a declared Spanish major and a possible Justice and Society major, I have always been [...]

Through My Eyes as a Citizen

Brian Kuehner, freshman student in the College of Business, reflects on weekly service at Catholic Charities’ Juan Diego Center: Over the course of the past semester, my volunteer service at the Juan Diego Center has profoundly impacted my views on immigration. Every Tuesday I would go with the CCSJ and help immigrants study for their [...]

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Service Journeys: How to Tie into Professional Identity

Written by: Katie Nedley As I meet other students on campus, I am frequently struck by the number of people who identify themselves as “pre-professional.” Pre-law, pre-dental, pre-med, etc… Many of these students, myself included, desire to do service. Through occupational therapy coursework and experiences with the CCSJ, I have begun to think about how [...]