Social Justice / Community Outreach Education Archive


inCOMMON Community Development

JD Senkbile ~ 933-6672 ~
1340 Park Ave Omaha, NE 68105 ~

inCOMMON is a unique nonprofit that alleviates poverty at a “root” level by uniting and strengthening vulnerable neighborhoods. We do this by fostering relationships of belonging, equipping and supporting residents for success, and empowering neighbor- driven change.
We foster relationships around shared experiences like parties, potlucks, and community events!
o Park Ave Commons
o Listening Project
o Community Meals
We equip and support residents by helping develop their gifts and strengths through learning opportunities, mentoring relationships, and inviting them to contribute their skills to the community!
o CommonLife
o Park Ave Commons
We empower change by collaborating with neighbors to take action on the things we all care about and create the future we want for our neighborhood!
o CommonGood
o Neighbors United
o Park Ave Commons



Red Basket

Ravan Charles ~ (877)969-7378 ~
1700 Farnam Street, Omaha, NE 68102 ~

Red Basket is an online, tax-deductible crowdfunding platform. Red Basket is for those who feel connected to their neighbors up the street and across the country. It’s for those who feel compelled to help but don’t necessarily have deep pockets. It’s for those who need help but don’t know quite how to ask for it. We connect people who need help with those who can give it. We’re putting a face on philanthropy and making giving more direct. We are looking for Skilled Volunteers; people with photography, video, and journalism experience who can help us make our stories compelling and concise.


Community Bike Project Omaha

Charles Mitchell ~ (402) 957-2454 ~   or
525 N. 33rd St, Omaha, NE 68131 ~

The Community Bike Project Omaha provides a safe, positive environment for the repair and distribution of bicycles.
Volunteers are needed to assist with bicycle repairs and to serve as role models for youth participants. No bicycle knowledge is needed, just a willingness to learn!  Prior knowledge of bicycle mechanics is a plus, but we also love teaching people! We can accept up to four volunteers at a time.


Social Justice / Community Outreach Education

The Durham Museum
Deb Hopp, Guest Services Manager  ~ (402) 444-5071 ext. 556 ~
801 S. 10th St, Omaha, NE 68108 ~

Step back in time & become a part of Omaha’s history by volunteering at The Durham Museum. Volunteer opportunities include Front Desk, Museum Shop, Soda Fountain & Candy Shop, Photo Archives, & Education. Call now or apply online to join the fun today!




Essential Pregnancy Services
Janet Holthaus ~ (402) 554-0121 ~
6220 Maple St, Omaha, NE 68104 ~
EPS works with pregnant and mothering women and families. We are a pro-life agency dedicated to helping women build a healthy future through a medical clinic, GED classes, Parenting Education and Material Resources. Volunteer training is provided and we can accept individuals as well as groups of volunteers planning on one time or continuing opportunities!
Spanish speaking recommended, but not necessary.

Immigration Legal Services (Catholic Charities)

see Catholic Charities’ Volunteer Resources

Juan Diego Center (Catholic Charities)

see Catholic Charities’ Volunteer Resources

Justice for Our Neighbors (Immigration Legal Clinic)
Andrea Barrera (Legal Outreach Coordinator) ~ (402) 898-1349 ~
2414 E St, Omaha, NE 68107 ~

Legal Clinics in Omaha
Volunteer responsibilities include: set up and clean-up, greeting the clients, filling out intake documents with the clients, providing food and drink, child care, making all clients feel welcome.
Spanish speaking volunteers recommended.

Detainee Program
The Pro Bono Detainee Project distributes and reviews intakes completed by detainees and then refers out cases to pro bono attorneys who have agreed to participate in the project when a detainee has defense to removal. Pro Bono Detainee Project volunteers also enter the Douglas County Jail and conduct presentations for detainees to help them understand the removal process.

Volunteers enter the Douglas County detention center to help detainees fill out intakes and to translate for pro bono attorneys doing presentations.
Spanish speaking volunteers recommended.

Spanish and French speaking recommended, but not necessary.

Lothrop Magnet Center
Gina Fitzpatrick or Daniel Chipps ~ (402) 457-5704 ~
3300 N. 22nd St, Omaha, NE 68110 ~
Lothrop Magnet Center is an Omaha Public School serving children
from pre-kindergarten to 4th grade with magnet areas of Science and Technology.
Students at Lothrop are involved in Service Learning – such as Green projects – and learning
about renewable energy sources. Lothrop is lucky enough to have Community In Schools on campus, which has helped foster many community connections.
Volunteers are needed in the greenhouse; for science projects, reading, math,
technology, and mentoring. Lothrop is an ideal opportunity for people pursuing an Education, Counseling, or Social Work major as well as for those with an interest in Science, Environmental topics, or Technology.
We can accommodate groups of 1-25 volunteers and welcome both long-term and one-time volunteers. No special skills are required.
Spanish and French speaking recommended, but not necessary.

Nebraskans for Peace
Mark Welsch, Omaha Coordinator ~ (402) 453-0776 ~
PO Box 6418, Omaha, NE 68106 ~
NFP is a statewide grassroots advocacy organization working nonviolently for peace and justice through community building, education, and political action. Volunteers are needed for participation in our priority issues ranging from global warming and climate change, antiwar, alternatives to the military, civil and international rights, economic justice, Palestinian rights, youth violence and rights, and environmental justice. Community outreach, planning, strategizing, and working towards our goals are where we can work together. Volunteer days, times, and locations vary.

Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance
Che Orduna ~ (402) 934-9700 ~
5006 Underwood Avenue, Omaha, NE 68132 ~
Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance’s mission is to promote lead-safe and healthy homes for children and families in Omaha. Large groups, small groups, and individuals are needed to visit with homeowners and assist with interior painting. There are also special events available, such as community outreach and health fairs. Hours are flexible; please call for more information.

Omaha Together One Community – OTOC
Allison Latenser ~ (402) 344-4401 ~
3647 Lafayette Ave, Omaha, NE 68131
OTOC is a broad-based multiethnic and interfaith community organizing effort. Member institutions work to create positive change through collective action and seeking accountability in the public arena. Current issues include: working to increase access to summer enrichment programs for children; education pertaining to the need for comprehensive and humane immigration reform at the national level; working with refugee leaders to identify and address issues affecting families; improving how the City of Omaha enforces housing and building codes to assure integrity of housing; and working to rethink how the City of Omaha trains people for jobs.

University of Nebraska Medical Center SHARING Clinics/UNMC Specialty Care Center
Sheeva Parbhu ~
804 S 52nd and Leavenworth St, Omaha, NE 68106 ~
The SHARING Clinic is the nation’s only student-run and student-governed
clinic that incorporates multidisciplinary fields to provide general health care for
children and adults. Volunteers with Spanish-speaking skills are needed each week
at the SHARING (Student Health Alliance Reaching Indigent Needy Groups)
clinics to serve as translators to bridge the gap between the Spanish-speaking patients
and the student health-care providers. The clinic is open every Tuesday evening from 5:30-8pm.
There would be opportunities to interpret presentations at Jackson Elementary family nights one Tuesday a month during the school year. We can accommodate groups of up to 4 volunteers and prefer long-term commitment. You must be proficient in Spanish.
Spanish speaking recommended, but not necessary.