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Starting my summer with the Columban Center for Advocacy and Outreach

Being here in Washington, D.C., for a week already has been a whirlwind but an awesome time! My day-to-day work will be working from 9:00am-5:00pm researching legislation, putting together news summaries, attending coalition meetings and hearings, participating in lobby visits, and other tasks. My focus area for the summer is on economic justice so I [...]


Saying “Yes” to Justice

Sometimes working for justice for the marginalized can be marginalizing in its own way. Social justice work is filled with “No’s.” “No” from the immigration judges who refuse to grant refuge to the thousands of people fleeing violence, human rights abuses, and persecution in Central America and elsewhere. “No” from the friends and family who [...]


Warm Hearts and Hard Starts: A Reflection for World Refugee Day

It was a nice break from the usual slogging through ESL and cultural orientation material. Today, instead of practicing introductions, writing letters and numbers or learning about job expectations, we gathered with the students we were tutoring and worked on an art project together.  With a few paper cut-outs, red, yellow and orange tissue paper, [...]

A Response to Suffering

In a pre-Lenten CCSJ Ignatian Advocacy meeting, a co-worker and friend of mine asked for volunteers to fast during lent. We were told we would be fasting with the “Fast for Families” campaign that is appealing for comprehensive immigration reform because our current immigration system breaks families apart through technically lawful yet morally irresponsible arrests [...]

Ian Fallon

Ian Fallon

Dorothy Stang, S.N.D: A Modern Martyr

Dorothy Stang was a Sister of Notre Dame. She was born in the United States, but worked and served poor communities in Brazil from the late 1960’s to February 12th, 2005, when she was murdered. She worked to organize Brazilian peasant farmers through the Pastoral Land Commission, a group that “fights for the rights of [...]