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Wisconsin Province E-News: US Paris Climate Conference

We are now into the final weeks before the UN Paris Climate Conference (COP 21)  which is set to begin on November 30. Below are materials in support of this worldwide conference which hopes to achieve a legally binding universal agreements regarding human-induced climate change:  v  Bishops representing entire globe make appeal to negotiating parties of [...]

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Wisconsin/ Chicago-Detroit Provinces of the Society of Jesus: February E-news Social-Interactional Ministries

 JUNE 2014 e-news: Social-International Ministries FAITH-JUSTICE (NEW) Jesuit Alumni Letter in Support of Immigration Reform: Join Jesuit high school and university alumni expressing support for comprehensive immigration reform to fellow Jesuit alumni serving in the U.S. House of Representatives (currently 44 members out 435). Click here to learn more about this opportunity organized by the [...]

December 2013 E-news: Social-International-Ecology Ministries, Faith-Justice

Save the Date (December 10): Pope Francis to initiate a global effort to combat hunger. On that day, Pope Francis will launch the One Human Family, Food for All campaign as parishes, schools and communities initiate a wave by prayer starting at noon in each time zone across the world. Please mark your calendars for [...]

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OCTOBER 2013 E-news: Social-International Ministries

Faith-Justice Time is now for humane immigration advocacy: With the fiscal crisis behind us, the House needs to act soon on immigration or momentum will stall with the run-up to the 2014 elections. In short, NOW is our time to express support for comprehensive, family-based reform with an achievable pathway to citizenship. On Monday, November [...]

July Wisconsin Province Social-International E-news

Jesuit Dispatch (Syria): On June 16, the Provincial of the Middle-East Province reported of deteriorating conditions in Homs, where the Jesuits have a parish in one of the neighborhoods under attack. “The situation is very delicate, and each attempt to enter the old part of the city means suicide. Bombing has gone on uninterrupted since [...]

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April Wisconsin Province Social-International E-news

Jesuit Archbishop in Peru Receives Death Threats: Jesuit Archbishop Pedro Baretto (Huancayo, Peru) has received death threats for his recent statement calling for responsible environmental regulation of a multi-metallic smelter in La Oroya. The smelter has been operated by Doe Run Peru a subsidiary of Renco Group (US privately held company) and was forced to [...]

March Wisconsin Province Social-International E-news

Kony 2012 Video – Considerations for Reflection: This now-viral youtube video produced by the group Invisible Children has become the most recent cause célèbre and is most likely attracting wide attention across campuses and parishes (both Jesuit and non-Jesuit). The video launched the “Kony 2012” campaign and seems to employ a threefold strategy: information/education, fund-raising/sales [...]

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February Social-International Ministries Newsletter

February 2012 E-news: Social-International Ministries Drew Christiansen Reflects on What Iraq has Taught us about a Just War: America editor develops three lessons in this Washington Post opinion column: 1. Beware of politicians employing intelligence to persuade; 2. Those who employ the Just War need to have the courage of their convictions and condemn a [...]

January 2012

NEW Wisconsin Bishops pastoral statement on Immigration: The bishops’ letter titled “Traveling Together in Hope” was released on December 12 (Our Lady of Guadalupe). In the distribution letter to area parishes, Milwaukee Archdiocesan Social Action Director (and Ignatian Associate) Dr. Rob Shelledy observes the Bishops’ linkage of immigration to sanctity of human life affirming that [...]

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December 2011

The Gritty Reality was the theme of the 2011 Ignatian Family Teach-In which drew over 1100 to Georgetown University Nov 12-14. The theme is attributed from a line in Fr. Kolvenbach’s Santa Clara address which described a faith-justice pedagogy which brings students into direct contact with those who are suffering and broken. Through this education [...]