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CU Earth Week 2015

You are invited to Creighton Earth Week 2015

 April 20th-24th: Join us to both celebrate and protect our Earth with a variety of events this week!

Monday, April 20th:

1) Dust Off Your Bike • 11 am-1 pm on the Mall

  • Come and tune up your bike on the Mall with students from the BikeNest.

2) Spring Cleaning and Soil Preparation • 1 pm at the Greenhouse (Hixson-Lied court yard)

  • Your hands are needed to get the Greenhouse ready for summer planting!

3) Mother Kuskokwim Mini-Documentary Screening • 5 pm Harper Auditorium

  • Come and see the latest Backpack Journalism Mini-Documentary. 

4) Climate Change Panel and an Advocacy Action • 7-8:30 pm in Harper 3028

  • Come and hear perspectives on both the effects of climate change and what we can do to save our planet from further degredation. Creighton Students, Faculty, and Staff: Dr. Richard Miller, Fr. John Shea SJ, Joey Wichep, and Fr. Michael Flecky SJ will be presenting.

Tuesday, April 21st:

1) Speaker: Bill Moore, Editor in Chief of EV (Electric Vehicle) World • 5 pm in Eppley 119

  • Come hear Bill Moore talk about Electric Vehicles and his work with EV World.

Wednesday, April 22nd:

1) Tea and Tai Chi • 1:30-3:30 pm on the Mall

  • Enjoy tea and learn Tai Chi from a local master on the Mall!

2) *We Matter Climate Walk • 3:30-5:00 pm, Gather on the Mall*​

  • Come and show your support to end climate change. Gather on the Mall for music and celebration before walking downtown for our big CU Earth Week event!

Thursday, April 23rd:

1) Plants for Progress • 10am-12:30 pm on the Mall

  • Come to the mall to pot a plant for your dorm or home with the Environmental Science Club!


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Upcoming Events: Climate Action Meeting

We Matter WalkClimate Action Meeting

All are welcome to the meeting at Augustana Lutheran Church on Saturday, December 7th, from 11:45am-2pm.


Sustainability: The Warming Arctic

Sierra ClubSierra Club

Sadly The Polar Bear Seas, off the coast of Alaska, are in danger: America’s Arctic is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the nation. Polar bears now must swim for miles to find food, and Alaska Native communities are finding it harder and harder to maintain their way of life. And Shell Oil, once again, is trying to drill in America’s Arctic. Also, the Obama administration is considering allowing even more oil and gas drilling in the Polar Bear Seas for years to come. This would move us away from a clean energy future that decreases our reliance on dirty fuels. Tell President Obama to protect the Polar Bear Seas.


Sustainability in Omaha: Service Trip Fall 2013 – Omaha, NE

Sustainability in Omaha: Uncovering Inconvenient Truths in Omaha
This five-day seminar exposes the participants to five different aspects of sustainability in Omaha: transportation, water, food, energy, and waste/recycling. Students will engage these topics through integrating hands-on experience with education by experts in the field of sustainability. Students will attempt to live sustainably during the seminar by walking, using public transportation, eating locally/seasonally/organically, reducing our use of water and energy through conservation, and creating little waste; (This may mean not eating meat). This sustainability seminar seeks to educate and engage Creighton students about these issues in order that we might begin to create a more sustainable community here at Creighton and beyond.

Relevant Websites: City Sprouts, Creighton University Sustainability Council, CCSJ Advocacy Alert – Sustainability/Environmental Justice


Sustainability: Nebraskans support strong carbon safeguards!

Sierra Club
Sierra Club

Tell EPA and NDEQ: Nebraskans support strong carbon safeguards!
Nebraska has been making big strides on clean energy and on cracking down on fossil fuel pollution. Now you have a chance to lock in that progress and move our state and federal agencies forward on climate starting with the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ) and the EPA. Send the EPA and NDEQ a message saying that Nebraskans want action on climate — and that you want strong safeguards against carbon pollution.


White Rose Catholic Worker – Chicago Fall 2013

Chicago, IL – White Rose Catholic Worker House

The White Rose Catholic Worker serves in a number of different communities locally, nationally, and internationally. Generally students immerse themselves each day in one of the most diverse zip codes in the U.S. with over 80 languages represented and a high immigrant and refugee population. Each day of the week volunteers take on a different issue of social concern and explore the alternatives that they are organizing for and living in the house including environmental sustainability, torture & war/nonviolence, capitalism/green economics, and poverty/hospitality. There will be a series of educational and hands on experiences for each one. The White Rose Catholic Worker also has a farm, which students will stay at during their trip and students will mainly eat food grown on the farm to experience sustainable living.

Relevant Websites: Catholic Worker Movement, Poverty in Chicago, CCSJ Advocacy Alert – Poverty/Economic Justice, CCSJ Advocacy Alert – Peace/Nonviolence, CCSJ Advocacy Alert – Sustainability/Environmental Justice