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Wisconsin Province E-News: US Paris Climate Conference

We are now into the final weeks before the UN Paris Climate Conference (COP 21)  which is set to begin on November 30. Below are materials in support of this worldwide conference which hopes to achieve a legally binding universal agreements regarding human-induced climate change:  v  Bishops representing entire globe make appeal to negotiating parties of [...]

Sustainability in Omaha: Service Trip Fall 2013 – Omaha, NE

Sustainability in Omaha: Uncovering Inconvenient Truths in Omaha This five-day seminar exposes the participants to five different aspects of sustainability in Omaha: transportation, water, food, energy, and waste/recycling. Students will engage these topics through integrating hands-on experience with education by experts in the field of sustainability. Students will attempt to live sustainably during the seminar [...]


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Sustainability: Nebraskans support strong carbon safeguards!

Sierra Club Tell EPA and NDEQ: Nebraskans support strong carbon safeguards! Nebraska has been making big strides on clean energy and on cracking down on fossil fuel pollution. Now you have a chance to lock in that progress and move our state and federal agencies forward on climate starting with the Nebraska Department of Environmental [...]

White Rose Catholic Worker – Chicago Fall 2013

Chicago, IL – White Rose Catholic Worker House The White Rose Catholic Worker serves in a number of different communities locally, nationally, and internationally. Generally students immerse themselves each day in one of the most diverse zip codes in the U.S. with over 80 languages represented and a high immigrant and refugee population. Each day [...]


Sustainability: Protect our communities from radioactive waste

Sierra Club For decades, nuclear power reactors all over the country have been able to operate without consideration to what would happen to the highly radioactive waste they produced. This put communities and the environment at risk across the nation. Now, federal courts are requiring the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to study the environmental and [...]

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Sierra Club

Sustainability: EPA Standards

Sierra Club We’ve known for decades that carbon wrecks our health and our climate, and that power plants are the nation’s top source. Power plants fuel climate disruption by making wildfires burn hotter and droughts last longer. The EPA is getting ready to finalize the first-ever protections against carbon pollution from new power plants, and [...]