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“Why are you here?” – Cleveland, OH

I went on a service and justice trip to Cleveland, Ohio, along with eight other Creighton students where we learned about the national crisis of homelessness. On the first drop-in at the Catholic Worker Storefront, a man asked me, “Why are you here?” This question, however, provoked me not only throughout the week, but for [...]


Starting my summer with the Columban Center for Advocacy and Outreach

Being here in Washington, D.C., for a week already has been a whirlwind but an awesome time! My day-to-day work will be working from 9:00am-5:00pm researching legislation, putting together news summaries, attending coalition meetings and hearings, participating in lobby visits, and other tasks. My focus area for the summer is on economic justice so I [...]

Reflection on Fr. Schlegel

On my first real story for the Creightonian (not just an assignment I was given for my news reporting class) I was asked to write an article about a regional student center conference in Omaha. I checked out the conference, interviewed a few participants, and was given a swag bag of materials that I could [...]

Fr. Schlegel made his final visit to the SCSJ in October 2015. We hadn't yet changed out the logo on the wall, so he held the "S" up so we could see what it would look like.


Being Agents of Change – Wheeling, WV

Our group received an awakening shock on our fourth day in Wheeling, WV. For the past three days we met with members of the community, with representatives for extractive industries and with opponents of these industries. We heard their explanations for what they did and why, about their personal experiences and perspectives that influenced their [...]

tuba city

A New Perspective- Tuba City, AZ

Our time spent serving and learning about the people and culture who live in the Navajo Nation was an experience I hope to never forget. We were able to gain a variety of insights from an array of community members who combat social justice issues experienced on the reservation. One of these was Marty, a former teacher who works in the greenhouse and garden at the St. Jude Food bank. He’s [...]

Saying “Yes” to Justice

Sometimes working for justice for the marginalized can be marginalizing in its own way. Social justice work is filled with “No’s.” “No” from the immigration judges who refuse to grant refuge to the thousands of people fleeing violence, human rights abuses, and persecution in Central America and elsewhere. “No” from the friends and family who [...]

Creating Refuge – Omaha, NE

As part of the Omaha Refugee Service & Justice Trip, we visited numerous organizations such as the Refugee Empowerment Center, Intercultural Senior Center, and listened to community members who advocated for refugee families. However, most of our week was spent at Yates Community Center—a resource for refugees that offers ESL classes, citizenship classes, and Pre-kindergarten [...]