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Patience and Community – Axtell, NE

There are not enough words to encapsulate our experience in Axtell. Blessed, fun, graciousness and rejuvenating are just a few that could top the list. The Mosaic community is something special and it was an experience I think that helped made us all better people. The residents who live in Mosaic have various mental and [...]



Sweet Home Mobile – Mobile, AL

Intention, community, comfort, open-mindedness. As we entered the week, these words and ideas were at the forefront of our thoughts. Our small group of five students each presented our goals, hopes and ambitions that we’d focus on during the week as we crowded our van to Mobile, Alabama. A group of five young girls embarking [...]

A Passion for English — Omaha, NE

In Burmese it’s Chay-tzoo-beh. In Thai it’s Tab bluh. In Somali it’s mahadsanid. These words are all spoken in different languages but ultimately have the same meaning: Thank you. These words were what I learned from my new found friends at the Yates Community Center every time English class had ended for the day. The thought [...]

Entering into the Uncertainty of Niobrara – Niobrara, NE

As we all walked in to the room we were staying, there was no doubt that there were doubts in my mind. Being the first Creighton students to travel to Niobrara, we had no idea what to expect. Our group knew that we would be interacting with members of the Ponca tribe, undergoing certain traditional [...]



In Gratitude

As a senior who is graduating in less than two weeks, reflection over the past four years and deep, grateful nostalgia have been consuming most of my time. It doesn’t seem real that soon I’ll be an alumna of a university that has taught me the true meaning of a faith that does justice. In [...]

Being Unreservedly Yourself

“Come up with me! Will you come up with me?!” A teenage girl named J. looked at me and eagerly asked that question as she yanked on my arm, practically dragging me out of the church pew we were sharing. It was Sunday afternoon at Mosaic Bethphage Village in Axtell, NE–where my Spring Break Service [...]

A little rain couldn't stop the Mosaic group from helping transport residents to their day-sites.


Lessons Learned from the Civil Rights Visionaries of Memphis

  Memphis has Soul Memphis, Tennessee is home to so much more than Graceland, delicious barbeque, and the intriguing duck march of the Peabody Hotel. At the heart of this city is a rich history and culture, with beams of light shining through the darkness. Similar to its influential musical roots and the glittering neon [...]

Hello from the Communications Team!

    Hello! My name is Austin and I am one of the Fantastic Five on the Communications Team. I am excited to immerse myself in more programs hosted by SCSJ and forming new relationships. It’s a pleasure to create digital and printed graphics that are shown around campus. Graphic design can be challenging, but [...]



Wisdom For the Journey

      Former SCSJ Graduate Assistant, Kevin Kuehl, shared some wisdom for all those participating in Post-Graduate Volunteering or entering religious life upon graduation last spring. Here are the words he sent them off with during the Post-Graduate Volunteering and Religious Life Missioning Service: Good morning! I’m so excited to share in this moment with [...]

Using Economics to Do Justice

  For the past ten weeks I have been a Micah Corps intern for the Great Plains Methodist Conference. Through this internship, my team and I researched social justice topics in the community with individuals who are facing these struggles every day and with organizations who are working to combat those struggles. We traveled through [...]


The Stories Behind the Handprints – Albuquerque, NM

This Spring Break, I had the privilege to get to know the clients and staff at St. Martin’s Hospitality Center, a day shelter serving the homeless population, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I say “privilege” because the stories I heard were filled with vulnerability, laced with hurt, yet also full of joy- it was a privilege [...]

ABQ Handprints Pic

Kansas City12

Being Present in Moments of Joy – Kansas City L’Arche

Coming into L’arche community, I didn’t know what to expect. We had been told it was a community that helped with mentally and physically handicapped individuals, but this barely scratched the surface of what L’arche truly was. I spent time in the day center where we did arts and crafts. At every turn, I met [...]

A Final Message from the Women of El Paso – El Paso Annunciation House

Leaving our service site of El Paso, TX I saw everyone in our group transform into individuals broken by the stories they heard and mended by the people they met. We had the pleasure of meeting many extraordinary speakers. We listened to their stories of how they tried to help the undocumented and promote immigration [...]

El Paso, A House5

Experiencing the fullness of Service & Justice Trips

We have no capacity to fathom the realness of a social injustice until we are sitting across the breakfast table from it, calling it by its name, and taking in every scar and wrinkle on its face. What I’m saying is, we must leave our bags of assumptions and expectations in our dorm rooms before we step into the role of being guests in our service and justice communities.