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The Power of Loving Words

When you ask most individuals who have been to Chicago to describe their experience, many will tell you about the striking big city with Broadway productions, delicious restaurants, and fabulous shopping. However, this extravagant side of Chicago represents a very small portion of the city. For my Spring Break Service & Justice Trip, I spent [...]


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Vocations and Shingles

When I think about the experiences I had in Stroud, OK during my Spring Break Service & Justice Trip , what separates this trip from any other service experience I had is the people I shared it with, both in the community of Stroud and with my fellow Creighton students. To be perfectly honest, I [...]

The Sustainability Group

Reshaping the Future through Sustainable Action

The sustainability Fall Break Service and Justice trip was a great experience for me. As I walked towards our site, I looked around at my peers. They were exhausted carrying their belongings and groceries. I thought to myself, Okay, no big deal. We are on 24th street, and we need to get up to 38th [...]

A Little Sun and Water – Growing Community

One of my highlights of the entire Fall Break Service and Justice Trip about Sustainability in Omaha was going to City Sprouts, a community garden located close to the Augustana Lutheran Church (where we stayed for the trip). I loved being outside with nature and doing some good old physical labor beside my group members. [...]


The official Winnebago group picture

Go Team Winnebago!

Paul Bubash, Adam Goodrick, Molly Perroni, Kalyn Flierl, JuYeon Kakazu, Emsy Cullinan, and Eboni Poole. This is our team. Team Winnebago, Nebraska. We worked, prayed, reflected, and laughed together all week long, and recognized that the good of the people in Winnebago would prevail soon enough. I think we all went in together thinking this [...]

Stroud Proud

The town of Stroud is generally frowned upon by Oklahomans. Before our service trip, I talked to a few friends from Oklahoma. “Oh, you’re going to Stroud?” they would say. “I’m sorry.” I didn’t understand why people seemed to dislike my service site so much, but I figured that maybe it had something to do [...]

Melanie and her Fall Break group at the Homecoming Game

Maria and her Fall Break group

Piggyback Pride

Until a few days ago, I had never given a piggyback ride. I’m so quiet that children often don’t think of asking me for them, and I wasn’t about to offer one because I am not at all athletic. I suspected that piggyback rides were one of those things that “everyone” is strong enough to [...]

Facing the Sweat Lodge

All week we had heard stories; stories of what to wear and what to bring, stories of what to expect- what the experience would be like, but no matter how many stories we heard and no matter how much water we had consumed the night before, as we approached the small dome shaped tent on [...]

Chelsea and Kristen at the Wind River site

The El Paso Group

Cookies as a Common Language

Of all of the inspiring people I encountered in El Paso, the most touching relationship I made was with six-year-old Thiago. He got caught crossing the border into the United States and therefore was assigned to live with a foster family that works with the child detention center. We spent about an hour with the [...]

A Moment of Solidarity

Pilsen is a vibrant Latino community on the southwest side of Chicago, Illinois. Spanish is the first language of the majority of the inhabitants of Pilsen, but because they are living in the United States and looking for employment, learning English becomes more and more of a necessity. Seven other Creighton students and I spent [...]


The Stroud group at the Oklahoma Bombing Memorial

A Moment of Change

I think that everyone in the Stroud, Oklahoma group can agree that the week we spent in there was both rewarding and inspiring. It was definitely an experience we will never forget. The Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial, which was only 1 hour away from our site, emphasized the times before and after the bombing in [...]

The Art of Letting Go To Serve In Solidarity

Our first hours in New Orleans were celebrated at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, where our service group was welcomed and introduced as the hope of the city. The delightful, lively, and wise Father Anthony expressed his homily through an analogy. There once was a monkey at the zoo, which noticed a walnut outside of [...]

The Duchsene House Group in New Orleans

The Calhoun City group with the kids at EXCEL

Speaking the Language of the Heart

When I sit down with my friends to talk about my fall break service and justice trip to Calhoun City, Mississippi I ask them if they have a good amount of time to hear my stories because all of them are so precious to me and I don’t want to miss a single detail. Sometimes [...]

Finding Home in a Homeless Shelter

Fall break of my sophomore year I went on my first service trip. In the house where we stayed hung a small tapestry that read the following quote by B. Cooke: “We need to find people who mean something to us, people to whom we turn knowing that being with them is coming home.” At [...]

Laura Shircliff (Sr.), St. Martin's Client, Shelby Snedeker (Sr.)

Sage and fellow Spring Break Service Trippers 2012

A ‘Radical’ State of Mind

“We haven’t scared any of you off yet, right?” Well gosh, I thought, are we supposed to be scared? This was soon followed up with an explanation of what Kelly meant by scary: Radical. Now, the word radical, for me, can have many different meanings. I remember when my little brother was going through a [...]

A Pilgrimage to Pilsen

Many students go home for fall break to relax and spend time with family. However, at the service trip meetings the last couple of Thursday nights, I’ve noticed that many students (as many as can fit in the Skutt Ballroom) choose to go on service trips around the country instead of returning to the comforts [...]