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Bridget Su Casa

Sharing Humanity

Below is a dialogue-reflection Bridget Battafarano shared from her Service & Justice Trip to Albuquerque, NM. Scene: Albuquerque, NM; St. Martin’s Hospitality Center (Day shelter for people experiencing homelessness) As the shelter was about to close one day, a man was walking out with his backpack. The strap suddenly ripped and he looked up and [...]

Summer Stanley Project

Join Flat Stanley and the CCSJ Staff as we embark on adventures with Stanley throughout America and the World. Stanley will be going to Spain, Ireland, Tanzania, El Salvador Peru, as well as California and Boston! Please follow Stanley’s adventures on our Facebook and our website.



Mercy & Forgiveness

When someone hurts you, most of the time our initial reaction is anger. We get upset at the fact something bad happened to us because of another person’s action(s). Usually, if it was a complete stranger that hurt us it is easy to let go and move on. We vent about it to our friends [...]

Meet the Philippines: One of my Two Homes

This is the Philippines. It may not be the best or richest country in the world, but nonetheless, this is one of my homes on this planet. Even though I didn’t grow up here, I still claim this to be my home because it’s rich cultures and traditions are still present in my life today. [...]


Aaron Ponce

Confessions of a Meataholic

One of my biggest passions is meat. I’ve found the sport of eating a tender slab of steak, or dining on a succulent chicken to be most riveting. Not once have my forefathers contemplated the significant impacts of the possibility of human existence without ample protein. It was sir William Shakespeare who made the profound [...]