Meet the Staff

Professional Staff

Ken Reed-Bouley, MDiv, MBA


I grew up in Massachusetts, am the son of a nurse and public middle school teacher, and am the youngest of four children with three older sisters. I attended the University of Notre Dame as an undergraduate where I first became immersed in experiences of service, faith and justice. After college I volunteered for a year with the Dominican Volunteers. I lived with Dominican priests while teaching at Hales Franciscan, an African American male high school on the South Side of Chicago. After three years at Hales, I joined campus ministry at Loyola University Chicago where I worked for seven years–mainly in service, faith, peace and justice work–while earning my Master of Divinity and Master of Pastoral Studies. I arrived at the SCSJ in August of 1999. I earned my Master of Business Administration while working at Creighton. My wife, Jennifer, is a Professor of Theology at College of St. Mary here in Omaha. We have two daughters: Maya was born in March of 1998, and Rosa was born in December of 1999. They are the joy of our lives. I consider my ministry of service, faith, justice, community, simplicity, sustainability, solidarity, reflection and Ignatian advocacy, in collaboration with our talented and committed SCSJ team, to be a gift and grace. Striving to live out a “faith that does justice” with students, community partners, staff, faculty, and alumni/ae fills my life with meaning.

Kelly Tadeo Orbik

Associate Director

I grew up in Papillion, NE. While I haven’t moved far from home, I have had many opportunities to live with and learn from various communities in El Salvador, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and on 6 domestic service trips. These experiences have been incredibly educational, inspirational and life changing- it is truly amazing how connected we are as a human family, how much we depend on and impact each other. After college I lived in an intentional community called the Namaste Community. My B.A. is in Justice Society and Spanish (Creighton ’06). My Masters is in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution with an international concentration through Creighton’s Werner Institute. I see my role and that of our office as bridge building. Away from the SCSJ I am an affiliate mediator with the Concord Center, visit immigrant detainees in Douglas County Corrections, help with Adult Education classes through Comunidad Maya Pixan Ixim, and serve on the leadership board for Ixim: Spirit of Solidarity, a twinning relationship between Omaha and Huehuetengango, Guatemala. I am also an active member on Omaha Together One Community’s Just Immigration Action Team. I love connecting our students with these and many other great community partners.

Jeff Peak

Assistant Director

I was born and raised in Northern Los Angeles but somehow made my way to Nebraska to attend school at Creighton. I graduated with a BA in Journalism and an MA in Ministry. Along the way I have volunteered with Amate House in Chicago – running an after-school program for at risk youth in McKinley Park – and worked in Campus Ministry at Saint Peter’s College in Jersey City. I have a keen appreciation for pancakes and smoothies, a passion for San Francisco sports, and a love of accompanying students as they live out the service of their faith in the quest for a more just world.

Wendy Maliszewski

Administrative Assistant – Retired May 2017

Wife, mother, fiber artist are three words I would use to describe who I am. Omaha has been my home since 1969. I am a Central High School alumnus and attended the University of Nebraska graduating with a degree in Textiles, Clothing and Design. I have been married to my wonderful husband Joe, since 1976. We have two amazing daughters. Our oldest, Kelly, lives in Omaha. She is a Dental Hygienist and also works at a Med Spa as an Esthetician. Brianna also lives in Omaha and is a graduate of the Creighton Accelerated Nursing program, working with the tiniest of patients as a NICU nurse. I have worked in the SCSJ for almost 21 years. Through it, I have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people from all over the world. Our students continually amaze me with their knowledge on the issues, their uncanny ability to make me laugh and their unfailing commitment to justice.

Wendy retired in May 2017 to spend more time traveling and with her art. We’ll miss her dearly.

Alyssa Beasley

Graduate Assistant

I grew up in Blair, Nebraska, about 45 minutes North from Creighton’s campus. I graduated from Creighton in 2017 with a Bachelor’s degree in Justice and Society/Cultural Anthropology. Some of my most formative experiences came from involvement with the SCSJ – including Service and Justice trips, IFTJ, advocacy, and community immersions. These experiences stayed with me as I worked as a Pastoral Assistant for Stewardship and Outreach in a large parish outside of Seattle, WA. I loved working with the many great people in the community, and coordinating several community outreach and advocacy programs, which helped solidify my desire to work in ministry in the long run. I’m grateful to be back at Creighton, joining the Masters in Ministry program, and working for peace and justice as a Graduate Assistant with the SCSJ team.

Kristin Watt

Graduate Assistant

Hi there! My name is Kristin Watt and I am originally from St. Louis, MO. I just graduated from Creighton this spring with my bachelor’s in Justice & Society and Spanish. I am currently in the 5-year bachelor’s to master’s program in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, and will be working as a graduate assistant in the SCSJ while I complete this degree. I am passionate about working for justice because of the individuals that I have encountered and the stories I have heard. Nothing changes a person quite like an experience does. Through my experiences, I have become an advocate for criminal justice reform. My friends in the SCSJ and the office as a whole have been a huge part of my Creighton experience and words cannot express the gratitude I feel to be working as a part of this compassionate and motivated team for another year.

Volunteers & Student Staff


(Staff from left to right)
Bottom: Kevin K., Lydia B., Ellen T., Claire R., Claire O., Bekah O.
Second Row: Kelly T., Margo S., Sophie S., Lizzie R., Haylie K., Shannon M., Liz M., Paul R.
Third Row: Jack P., Kristin W., Edward C., Vincent S., Maren H., Ed N., Ayet N., Allie C., Monica M., Lizzie M., Ken R., Jeff P.
Top Row: Jaxson S., Emily S., Carly K., Lucy C., Bailey N., Anna F., Aliza A., Jessica V., Brittni P., Wendy M., Victoria A., Jordan M.

Aliza A

Student Coordinator

Hello! I am a junior Nursing student from Mililani, Hawaii and I will be serving as the MMCA this school year. Though I am far away from home, the support from my family gives me strength to continue to follow my passions. I love the outdoors, playing violin, and am a huge foodie. I first became involved with Campus Ministry by attending Freshman Retreat and getting involved with the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Club, where I became a Core Team Leader my sophomore year. I have been grateful to travel outside of Nebraska on a Service and Justice Trip to Stroud, Oklahoma during Spring Break of 2017, volunteering with Habitat for Humanity where my passion for advocacy of small town businesses, and human integrity and dignity for those experiencing poverty and alcohol and drug abuse was sparked. I also volunteer weekly at Creighton Medical Center and Families in Action in Nebraska. I hope to continue to learn more about service, faith, and justice and how they connect through the many opportunities Creighton has to offer.  My commitment to service as well as my growth in faith is a huge part of me and I am so excited to implement such values into my life and share that with Creighton’s community.

Lydia B

Student Coordinator

Hi! My name is Lydia and I am a senior Nursing student from Dubuque, IA. I love learning about sustainability, immigration, refugees, and other social justice issues. I really like being with other people and sarcasm! This year I will be a part of the refugee team and lead weekly service on Saturdays at YATES with my awesome co-coordinator, Vinny. I’m a strong believer in incorporating the Jesuit values into everyday life and am so grateful for the opportunity to be working in this office.

Allie C

Student Coordinator

Hi, I am Allie Canto! I am from Lakeland, Florida, which is a smaller town between Tampa and Orlando. I am interested in both art history and political science. I love ice cream and LeBron James more than I probably should. I get extremely passionate about good movies and TV shows. I love to learn new things. I first got involved with the SCSJ when I went on a Fall Break Service and Justice Trip this past year. Although the trip was primarily focused on homelessness, we learned about numerous national issues, all of which made me really reflect about what I can and want to do in the world. This experience created a new-found passion that eventually lead me to get even more involved with the SCSJ.

Edward C

Student Coordinator

Hello! I am from St. Louis, Missouri and plan on majoring in Graphic Design and Computer Science. Volleyball, biking, and spending time with friends and family are what define me. I love doing anything active, but I also enjoy board games, movies, and video games too. Spring Break of 2016, I decided to sign up for one of the SCSJ Service and Justice Trips and I am glad I did. My trip took me just down the street to South Omaha, but it was amazing how it felt a world away. Then, I had the opportunity to coordinate a trip in Milwaukee during Fall Break of 2016. It was an inspiring trip accompanied by a wonderful group. I hope to continue learning and have more memorable experiences during the rest of my time at Creighton. The experiences I had on my Service and Justice Trips will be something I always cherish and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work for the SCSJ!

Lucy C

Student Coordinator

Hey hey! I am from one of the best city in the United States, Omaha! I have lived here for most of my life and currently studying Neuroscience. I have always had a passion to learn and one day help those challenged by mental illnesses. By visiting the Sienna/Francis homeless shelter through the weekly volunteer opportunity I became involved with the office. This office has opened my eyes to so many issues beyond homelessness. I have done a variety of things such as voicing my concerns to Nebraskan legislatures, participating in Service and Justice Trips outside of Nebraska, and even participated in Catholic Relief Services in Washington DC to learn about the international efforts done to try to bring about justice. I love being surrounded by not only peers that care about these issues but also adults and community members that I have encountered along the way. This office is full of opportunities!

Maren H

Student Coordinator

I was born and raised in Omaha and decided to stick around for four more years at Creighton. I’m so glad I did! Not only am I still close to my parents and younger brother, but I can continue to follow my own path pursuing my passions of photography, traveling, and social justice, while also discovering new passions as well. This summer, I will be serving the SCSJ as a graphic design intern, which aligns perfectly with my major, journalism. I am so excited and blessed to be a part of this team and I cannot wait to serve the Creighton community and beyond while using my talents for the greater!

Carly K

Student Coordinator

Hello! I am a senior, studying Social Work and Spanish. I am from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and I love to spend time outside, watch football, and travel. I am very passionate about homelessness and love spending time at the Siena/Francis House. I am so excited to have the opportunity to become more involved with service and justice through the SCSJ and work on Core Team for one more semester!

Haylie K

Student Coordinator

Hello! My name is Haylie Krone and I am from Omaha, Nebraska. I am a sophomore Nursing student and I am loving every minute of it! I love smiling, laughing, sports, reading, and being outdoors, but my biggest passion is service and social justice! This passion started in high school when I got involved in many different forms of service and through my experiences on service trips. I have had the opportunity to serve people in Haiti and in Rosebud, South Dakota, on a Native American Reservation. Through these experiences, I have grown to love social justice and mission work so much, that I want to become involved in medical mission work in underdeveloped countries once I graduate with my degree in nursing!

Jordan M

Student Coordinator

Hi everyone! I am from Lincoln, Nebraska. I am a Nursing major and am currently trying to figure out a minor (if you have any suggestions, let me know)! I became involved with the SCSJ by going on the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Social Justice (IFTJ). The IFTJ was life changing for me. I learned about social justice issues that have become so important to me in my life. Since going on this trip, I have envisioned myself as a nurse in an immigration clinic. Fighting for social justice will be something that I continue to do throughout my life because of the SCSJ.

Liz M

Student Coordinator

Hi, I’m Liz Meler! I’m a sophomore studying Social Work and English here at Creighton. I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. I first got involved in SCSJ by attending the Ignatian Family Teach-In and had an amazing experience there. I am passionate about service and social justice. In my free time, I like to hang out with my family and friends, play with my little dog, and eat ice cream. I’m really excited about being a part of the SCSJ team this year!

Lizzie M

Student Coordinator

Hello! My name is Lizzie Mause and I am a senior from Fort Collins, CO. I am studying Biology and Psychology and aspire to attend medical school after graduation. I became involved with the SCSJ after I was inspired by a Service and Justice Trip to Albuquerque, NM, where I observed firsthand the disproportionately large amount of people with mental illness who also were experiencing homelessness. Fueled by the unjust stigma and treatment of individuals with mental illness, I continued to be a part of the SCSJ Service and Justice Trips program. I am now a part of the Core Team and I could not be more blessed with the great team of people I get to work with at the SCSJ!

Monica M

Student Coordinator

Hi friends! I am from Omaha, and because it has been so good to me, I decided to stick around for college. I am studying Biology and Psychology in hopes of becoming a physician someday. I got involved in the SCSJ my sophomore year by going to weekly service at the Boys and Girls Club. In addition to weekly service, I went on a Service and Justice Trip to Wheeling, West Virginia later that year in the spring. Ever since, I have felt a calling for service and justice and have gone on two more trips to Little Rock and Denver. Now, I am on the Service and Justice Trips Core Team. I cannot wait to grow more in my knowledge and passion for serving and bringing justice to those experiencing social injustices in our world today.

Shannon M

Student Coordinator

Hi, friends! I’m Shannon Mulcahey and I am a senior Nursing student from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I accepted the call to be a nurse so I can serve and care for the marginalized people in society, locally and possibly globally. I first became involved with the SCSJ my freshman year when I went on my first Service & Justice Trip to El Paso, Texas. Since then, my passion for social justice and advocacy has significantly increased. My passion for social justice led to my decision to study abroad in the Dominican Republic fall semester of my sophomore year. I have coordinated a Service & Justice Trip to Minneapolis and have been on the Ignatian Advocacy Team and Communications Team. Last year, I lead a weekly service site to Completely Kids and helped coordinate the 2016 Volunteer Fair, where I gained an extensive knowledge on volunteer opportunities in the Omaha-Council Bluffs area. I’m incredibly excited to learn even more new things in my final year as a part of the SCSJ team!

Angie N

Student Coordinator

Hello friends! My name is Angie Ngo and was born and raised in Boise, Idaho, also known as the land of the potatoes. My parents, grandma, and two older sisters are my biggest inspirations. My passions include music, food, and social justice. I am currently studying business and music. I went on my first Service and Justice Trip at Creighton during Fall Break of my Freshman year to El Paso, Texas with a focus on refugee and immigration reform. Ever since that trip, I couldn’t wait to come back and share my experience and what I had learned with everyone! Going on the Service and Justice Trips during my breaks have been the highlight of my Creighton experience. Following my time in El Paso, I knew that I wanted to become more involved with the SCSJ. The SCSJ’s focus on not only service, but also justice, has sparked inspiration in me to seek answers in the world. I am looking forward to being a part of the SCSJ team and am excited for this new adventure!

Ayet N

Student Coordinator

Hello! I’m Ayet from Lincoln, Nebraska. I am a Junior on the Pre-Vet track aiming for a Biology major and a Studio Art minor. I want to be a Vet because I want to use my social justice passion to help advocate for animal/human rights and for a sustainable earth. I love all things related to service, photography, national parks, and my dog! I think that service is something that everyone should be involved in and SCSJ allows you gain new experiences with people and places that you never would have expected. I can’t wait to see what the year as in store!

Bailey N

Student Coordinator

Hello! My name is Bailey Norby and I am a senior Finance major from Forest Lake, Minnesota. I came to Creighton for basketball, but stayed because of the people, the environment, and the wonderful community. I am on the women’s basketball team here at Creighton, but love to be a part of activities outside of sports, too. My hobbies include swimming, running, and hanging out with friends. This past summer, I worked with the SCSJ as the Data and Relationship Management Intern and fell in love with the office, the people in it, and the mission.

Ed N

Student Coordinator

Hi friends! My name is Ed and I am a senior, double major in Justice & Society and Theology with a Sociology minor from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I graduated from a Jesuit high school so I was exposed to the Jesuit principles of service and a faith that does justice before I came to Creighton. I first became involved with the SCSJ from being a member in the Cortina Community, as many of the people I met had already been involved with many of the programs that the SCSJ offers. When I went on the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice in November 2014, that was when my passion and desire to be more involved with the SCSJ was solidified.  I have coordinated two service and justice trips – one to Minneapolis, MN and one to East St. Louis, IL and I have been on the Ignatian Advocacy Team during my sophomore year. I am on the Communications Team currently and my job is to run the social media of the office! I’m so excited for my last year in this amazing place and look forward to learning and forming my vocation more.

Bekah O

Student Coordinator

Hello everyone! My name is Bekah, and I am a junior, majoring in International Relations and Social Work. I am from Kansas City, Missouri, and although I may have not gone too far from home the experiences I have had because of the SCSJ, as cliche as it sounds, have been life changing. Through conferences, IFTJ, Service & Justice trips, and advocacy opportunities, I have been so wonderfully impacted by my Jesuit education and my passion for service and justice has continued to be flamed. I am happy to serve this fall as the Ignatian Advocacy Intern and the Cortina Formation chair. I hope to continue and create more impactful opportunities for the Creighton community to further the work to make a more just world.

Claire O

Student Coordinator

Hey what’s up hello! I’m Claire and I’m a sophomore business student from Skokie, IL, a suburb right outside Chicago. This past Fall Break, I had the opportunity to go on a Service and Justice Trip to New Orleans, and before the week was up I knew I wanted to make the SCSJ a bigger part of my life here at Creighton. I’m really looking forward to being able to learn, grow, and work with people so passionate about service and justice!

Jack P

Student Coordinator

Hello there! I was born in Kansas City but call the bustling metropolis of Des Moines, Iowa my home. Some of my favorite things include a good cup of coffee and passing the time with friends. I am currently studying Health Administration and Policy with a double minor in Spanish and Medical Anthropology. Through the SCSJ, I have attended the IFTJ conference in D.C. twice, participated in a Service and Justice Trip to Minneapolis, and coordinated a trip to San Antonio. I am so excited for all the good times to come with the SCSJ team this next year!

Brittni P

Student Coordinator

Hey all! I am from good ol’e Sioux City, Iowa. In the fall of 2017, I will be a senior at Creighton. I have declared a major in Justice and Society with a Biology and Sociology minor. In addition, I am on the Pre-Med track. I come from a fairly large family, so the relationships I make with those around me are very important to me. This has led me to want to get more involved in the community to form strong friendships with those I barely know. Further, this drive has resulted in my passion for service. By better understanding those in my community, I gain a more knowledgeable grasp of what it truly means to be in solidarity with others. I first became involved with the SCSJ my freshman year through weekly service at the Boys and Girls Club and a spring Service and Justice Trip to Milwaukee. Both were truly amazing experiences and I encourage everyone to take part in both weekly service and/or a Service and Justice Trip. I am so excited to see where my future with the SCSJ continues to take me!

Claire R

Student Coordinator

Hello! My name is Claire Roehri, and I am from Fox River Grove, Illinois (a northwestern suburb of Chicago). I am a senior in the Heider College of Business with a passion for social entrepreneurship, non-profits, and all businesses working to better the world. I chose to attend Creighton for many reasons, but especially because of the university’s values and commitment to working for and with others. With this in mind, I was determined to get involved with the SCSJ right away. My freshman year, I participated in a Fall Break Service and Justice Trip to East St. Louis, Illinois and a Spring Break Service and Justice Trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Sophomore year, I attended the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice (IFTJ) and coordinated a Service and Justice Trip to El Paso, Texas. Junior year, I coordinated a trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico. All these experiences had a huge impact on how I see the world. Because I had very little experience with communities suffering from homelessness, poverty, lack of immigration rights, and countless other social justice issues, these opportunities have been some of the greatest learning experiences I’ve ever had. I will always remember and love the people I had the opportunity to meet in on all my Service and Justice Trips, as well as IFTJ. Working in the SCSJ is an incredible opportunity for me to learn and grow, encourage CU students to have service and justice experiences, and work with the greater Omaha community. I could not be more excited to be a member of the SCSJ team!

Elizabeth R

Student Coordinator

Hiya! My name is Elizabeth Rudigier. I am a sophomore here at Creighton studying Medical Anthropology with minors in Photojournalism and Spanish. My hope is to create a more publicly-accessible and engaging medium to document anthropological findings and to better understand and communicate the human condition accurately, critically, and compassionately. I am from Stilwell, Kansas (just about 20 miles south of Kanas City, Missouri). I first got involved with the SCSJ through weekly service to Lutheran Family Services and a Service and Justice Trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico. I am super excited to be working through the SCSJ and look forward to all that this experience will bring!

Katie R

Student Coordinator

Hello! I was born and raised in Orland Park, Illinois – a southwest suburb of Chicago, about 30 minutes from the city. I was lucky enough to grow up with one younger sibling, a dog who doubles as my best friend, and two of the greatest parents in the world. I am a Junior in the Heider College of Business majoring in Accounting.  Through participating in the Ignatian Family Teach-In in the fall semester of my freshman year, I discovered how truly passionate I am about social justice. I cannot wait to continue my journey of learning about social justice and discovering what I can do to make the world a better place through working with the SCSJ this year!

Paul R

Student Coordinator

My name is Paul Romero. I’m from Omaha and I am a sophomore here at Creighton University. I am majoring in Political Science and Economics. The political process is something that fascinates me and that I am very involved in. I believe in the ability of the citizen to make change within their government whether that be via the ballot box, pen, cell phone or clip board. Furthermore, I believe in justice and fairness for all people. It is the combination of these two beliefs that are the reasons why I became involved with SCSJ. My hope is that one day I can use much of what I learned from the SCSJ and its mission to further my ability to push for justice in my career as well as in my private life.

Vincent S

Student Coordinator

I am a senior in the College of Arts and Science studying Medical Anthropology and Sociology on the Criminal Justice Policy Track.  I am from Sacramento, CA, “America’s Farm to Fork Capital” (Formally “The City of Trees”).  I have been a participant and leader of the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice and an advocacy team leader for immigration.  Starting Junior year, I have been a part of the Refugee Coordinator team.  I lead weekly service to Yates Community Center to work with refugees and immigrants with preparation for their citizenship tests. Additionally, the team works to bring to light refugee realities and information to Creighton’s campus and to connect the campus with ongoing refugee work in the Omaha community.

Jaxson S

Student Coordinator

Hello There! I’m a junior from Tacoma, Washington in the beautiful PNW. Despite my forested upbringing, I have a particular fondness for our mutual acquaintance, Omaha. Being a human being myself, I enjoy studying other human beings and our collective human experience through my History and English majors. I think coffee is a good thing, and so is The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I sometimes wonder if life without Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal would even be cool? Captain Crunch seems to think it would. In other news, solidarity and accompaniment are massive words that I hope I’m beginning to understand but while I work on figuring those out it’s enough just to know that the Dude abides.

Sophie S

Student Coordinator

Hi! I’m Sophie Snider, and I feel incredibly lucky to call Kansas City my home. I am a senior at Creighton double-majoring in English and Graphic Design, and hope to dedicate my life to a family, a nonprofit, or some sort of student ministry someday. I very much enjoy coffee shops, conversing with friends and strangers, journaling, and art. My interest in social justice piqued after my sophomore Spring Break Service and Justice Trip to Cleveland, which I can easily call one of the most formative and meaningful weeks of my life. Now I am honored to serve on the Core Team, and couldn’t be happier to be a part of hundreds more students’ experiences on these trips.

Margo S

Student Coordinator

Hi! I am a senior from Minneapolis, MN and am the oldest of three in my family. I am currently working towards a double major in Psychology and Hispanic Studies and my goal is to participate in some sort of post graduate volunteer program next year. I first got involved with the SCSJ through my first Service and Justice Trip to El Paso, TX in the fall of 2015, and since then I have loved leading service and justice trips as well as fundraising for the program. I love being a part of this community and I am excited for another year of fundraising and Service and Justice Trips.

Emily S

Student Coordinator

I’m from Indianola, Iowa (next to Des Moines); I have two younger siblings (both adopted from Russia), both of my parents are teachers, and I grew up on a big acreage with lots of trees and a pond (so I love the outdoors). I’m studying Medical Anthropology and Spanish. I love the diversity and beauty of the culture of Latin American countries, and I really care about healthy communities. I hope to do something either in Latin America, or here in the US with Spanish speaking communities. My first ever Service and Justice Trip was to El Paso; since then I’ve been to Overland Park L’Arche and South Omaha One World. I’m kind of a foodie, mostly because almost everyone can bond over food-talk (I especially love Mexican, Thai, Indian, and Sushi). Faith and community are really important to me; I love my Navigators group, and getting quiet time to be “filled up” with prayer and reflection. My favorite pillar of the Service and Justice Trips Program is solidarity, because I really believe that we’re all connected as human beings, and that we’re all called to be our “brother’s keeper”. I’ve had the opportunity to work with all sorts of incredibly beautiful human beings, through hospice, homeless shelters, study abroad, Service and Justice Trips, and weekly service sites; I’m eager to keep meeting new people and living in solidarity with people with different views, experiences, and life circumstances!

Ellen T

Student Coordinator

I’m a junior from Omaha and the middle child of five.  I love anything outdoors, and that passion brought me to study Biology on the Pre-Med track and work on sustainability / climate change issues on campus. I joined the environmental justice advocacy team in the fall of my freshman year. Since then the SCSJ has introduced me to countless opportunities to explore other passions, particularly migration and economic justice, through Service and Justice Trips, IFTJ, weekly service, and my work on the Ignatian Advocacy Team.

Jessica V

Student Coordinator

Hello all! My name is Jessica Valdez and I am from Council Bluffs, Iowa. I am studying Exercise Science with a Latin American Studies minor. After being immersed in the SCSJ’s Service and Justice Trips, Migrant Journey, the Ignatian Family Teach-In, and personal experience I became very passionate about social justice issues and have decided to pursue immigration law. I hope to be able to apply the knowledge I have gained to provide the best opportunity for those seeking a better life. Besides being a part of the Ignatian Advocacy Team, I am the academic chair for Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority, participate in my church’s youth ministry, am a member of CULSA, and am a paraprofessional at Children’s Respite Care Center.  I am excited to work with individuals in the SCSJ office to continue to fight for justice.

Kristin W

Student Coordinator

Hi there! I am from St. Louis, Missouri where I have lived my whole life with 3 of the best siblings in the world and my wonderful parents! I love drinking coffee, going skiing, traveling, or doing anything with my siblings. I am a Justice and Society and Spanish major. The SCSJ was the one thing that made me most excited to come to Creighton. I was intrigued by the office and its mission from the first time I stepped inside. Through the SCSJ, I have been able to go on Service and Justice Trips to Albuquerque, Morton, and Cleveland as well as attend the Ignatian Family Teach in for Justice in Washington D.C.  This community is such a big part of my life and I can’t wait to spend the next year learning, building new passions, and working with such wonderful people