Meet the Staff

Ken Reed-Bouley, MDiv, MBA


Ken Reed-BouleyI grew up in Massachusetts, am the son of a nurse and public middle school teacher, and am the youngest of four children with three older sisters. I attended the University of Notre Dame as an undergraduate where I first became immersed in experiences of service, faith and justice. After college I volunteered for a year with the Dominican Volunteers. I lived with Dominican priests while teaching at Hales Franciscan, an African American male high school on the South Side of Chicago. After three years at Hales, I joined campus ministry at Loyola University Chicago where I worked for seven years–mainly in service, faith, peace and justice work–while earning my Master of Divinity and Master of Pastoral Studies. I arrived at the CCSJ in August of 1999. I earned my Master of Business Administration while working at Creighton. My wife, Jennifer, is a Professor of Theology at College of St. Mary here in Omaha. We have two daughters: Maya was born in March of 1998, and Rosa was born in December of 1999. They are the joy of our lives. I consider my ministry of service, faith, justice, community, simplicity, sustainability, solidarity, reflection and Ignatian advocacy, in collaboration with our talented and committed CCSJ team, to be a gift and grace. Striving to live out a “faith that does justice” with students, community partners, staff, faculty, and alumni/ae fills my life with meaning

Kelly Tadeo Orbik

Associate Director

Kelly Orbik

I grew up in Papillion, NE. While I haven’t moved far from home, I have had many opportunities to live with and learn from various communities in El Salvador, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and on 6 domestic service trips. These experiences have been incredibly educational, inspirational and life changing- it is truly amazing how connected we are as a human family, how much we depend on and impact each other. After college I lived in an intentional community called the Namaste Community. My B.A. is in Justice Society and Spanish (Creighton ’06). My Masters is in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution with an international concentration through Creighton’s Werner Institute. I see my role and that of our office as bridge building. Away from the CCSJ I am an affiliate mediator with the Concord Center, visit immigrant detainees in Douglas County Corrections, help with Adult Education classes through Comunidad Maya Pixan Ixim, and serve on the leadership board for Ixim: Spirit of Solidarity, a twinning relationship between Omaha and Huehuetengango, Guatemala. I am also an active member on Omaha Together One Community’s Just Immigration Action Team. I love connecting our students with these and many other great community partners.

Jeff Peak

Assistant Director

I was born and raised in Northern Los Angeles but somehow made my way to Nebraska to attend school at Creighton.  I graduated with a BA in Journalism and an MA in Ministry.  Along the way I have volunteered with Amate House in Chicago – running an after-school program for at risk youth in McKinley Park – and worked in Campus Ministry at Saint Peter’s College in Jersey City.  I have a keen appreciation for pancakes and smoothies, a passion for San Francisco sports, and a love of accompanying students as they live out the service of their faith in the quest for a more just world.

Wendy Maliszewski

Administrative Assistant

Wendy Maliszewski

Wife, mother, fiber artist are three words I would use to describe who I am. Omaha has been my home since 1969.  I am a Central High School alumnus and attended the University of Nebraska graduating with a degree in Textiles, Clothing and Design. I have been married to my wonderful husband Joe, since 1976. We have two amazing daughters. Our oldest, Kelly, lives in Omaha. She is a Dental Hygienist and also works at a Med Spa as an Esthetician. Brianna also lives in Omaha and is a graduate of the Creighton Accelerated Nursing program, working with the tiniest of patients as a NICU nurse. I have worked in the CCSJ for the last 17 years.  Through it, I have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people from all over the world. Our students continually amaze me with their knowledge on the issues, their uncanny ability to make me laugh and their unfailing commitment to justice.

Catherine Keating

Graduate Assistant

Cat KeatingMambo! (Hello!) I am from St. Cloud, MN, grew up in a little family of four, and had the good fortune of coming to Creighton for undergraduate studies in 2006. I was very involved in the CCSJ during my entire Creighton career and worked as a student coordinator in the office during my senior year. I received my BA in Philosophy and Justice and Peace Studies in 2010. After graduation, I joined the Jesuit Volunteer Corps for two years in Tanzania, East Africa. I taught in a primary school, lived in an intentional community, and learned quite a bit about the joys and challenges of being a guest in another culture. I returned in December of 2012, found my way back to Creighton, and am currently a graduate student with the Werner Institute for Negotiation and Dispute Resolution. I am overjoyed to be returning to the CCSJ, an office and a community that was pivotal in my formation and has become quite a HOME for me. I enter this incredible opportunity to join the CCSJ team as a Graduate Assistant with immense gratitude and excitement for the coming two years!

Mike Rios

Graduate Assistant

Mike RiosI hail from – born and raised – Aurora, IL, a large western suburb of Chicago. I am the 2nd born and the oldest son in a family of 6. Family is extremely important to me as I grew up in a very large, Mexican/German Catholic, tight-knit extended family and my heritage is something I hold dear. After attending an all-boys Benedictine military high school, I found my way to Creighton University where I received a Bachelors in Theology while minoring in Biology (on the pre-Medicine track). During college I was fortunate enough to spend time in the Dominican Republic, Nepal, along with 4 domestic service trips across the country. In Nepal I worked with an anti-human trafficking non-profit for 6 weeks before my senior year: an amazing experience that heavily contributed to my decision to do a year of post-graduate volunteering in Latin America. I spent my last year in a small sector of Guayaquil, Ecuador called Mount Sinai with the foundation Rostro de Cristo. Along with working in a Jesuit community organizing office, participating in parish music ministry, learning Spanish, and forming relationships with families near our home, we also led multiple college and high school immersion trips that came down to live with us for a week. Through this work–connecting and accompanying students with a community a am very invested in–I learned of my passion for student ministry. I hope my time as the CCSJ Graduate Fellow will help guide and nourish this recent vocational redirection as I also pursue a Masters in Ministry at the university.

Damian Torres-Botello

Jesuit Novice


My name is Damian. But you can call me D or DTB as many people do. I was born and raised on the Missouri side of Kansas City as the oldest, middle, and youngest son of Mexican-Americans. I attended Saint Mary College in Leavenworth, Kansas where I majored in Theatre and became the first person in my family to graduate from college. From there I spent 12 years as a playwright, performance artist, and director. Many of my works as a dramatist and performer centered on themes regarding homelessness/poverty, religion/sexuality, child negligence/abuse, race/imprisonment, self-worth, and human displacement. Inviting audiences to achieve a social justice consciousness lead me to serve as playwriting teaching artist for inner city youth and prisoners; being commissioned by local, state, and private non-profit organizations to develop plays focused on promoting awareness and advocacy; and co-founding Full Circle Theatre Company and The Doozer’s Theatre Project – theatre laboratories focused on creating plays about social justice and working with artist-activists to generate understanding for the disenfranchised. Offering stories of the oppressed and marginalized to people of privilege and wealth brought me to a better understanding of community, justice, and service and in 2009 I moved to Chicago where I pursued much of the same kind of work. On August 24, 2012, I entered the Novitiate of the Society of Jesus in St. Paul, Minnesota. I continue to serve people on the fringes of society and have discovered many new things about myself, about people, and about the power of faith, hope, love, and gratitude. While here at Creighton University I will be working both at CCSJ and St. John’s where I desire to learn, offer, and deepen my solidarity.

Roselle Agdipa

Student Coordinator/Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice Core Team

Hi there! I am a Junior Social Work Major with a Legal Studies minor on the Pre-Law track. I come from half-way across the country from San Jose, California, but that doesn’t phase me since I love traveling. I fell in love with the CCSJ before I was even a freshmen, when I saw the large group of Creighton students at the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice when I was a senior in high school. Although the Teach-In was not the only reason I choose to attend Creighton for college, it was definitely a bearing factor.  I’m very excited to work at the CCSJ again this year. Last year I did weekly service at the Juan Diego Center and it was definitely something that I enjoyed immensely. Through my few years at Creighton I’ve done the service trip to El Paso, TX, I’ve spent a summer in Washington D.C. and one to the Ignatian Family Teach-In twice, making this year my fourth Teach-In. I hope to see you sometime.


Sean Awakuni

Service & Justice Trips Core Team

sean awakuniHello everyone!  My name is Sean and I was born and raised in Waipahu, HI.  I am one of many biology majors and I also intend to one day go to medical school. Before medical school, however, I hope to spend a year or two serving abroad, preferably in Central or South America.  I am the baby of my family, with an older brother, an older sister, and silly corgi named Kobe.  I also have 3 nephews and 1 niece, each of whom refers to me as “Uncle Sean.”  I have many hobbies including cooking, attempting to sing, telling cheesy jokes, and doing imitations.  During the spring of 2011, I went on my very first service trip to Sioux City, IA, where we helped build homes for Habitat for Humanity.  This was by far one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had throughout my time here at Creighton.  I had done community service in high school, but never before I had I even thought about things like justice, solidarity, or sustainability.  With a desire to learn and experience more, I participated in another trip to New Orleans, LA, and coordinated two trips to Omaha, NE, and Stroud, OK.  Service trips have been a very important and special part of my time at Creighton.  I’m extremely excited to work on the Service and Justice CORE Team this year!

Amal Barre

Student Coordinator/Ignatian Advocacy Team

Salaam! I am a senior Sociology/Anthropology major with a minor in International Relations. I was born in Somalia where I spent most of my early years and currently reside in Des Moines, Iowa. I first got involved with the CCSJ my freshman year when I went on a service & justice trip to Minneapolis, MN. Since then, I have been involved with the office through service & justice trips and the Ignatian Advocacy Team. I am very excited to continue my involvement and begin working in the office this year. After graduation, I hope to go back to Somalia for a year of service and learning, and go to graduate school. My time away from Creighton is spent drinking tea, eating papayas, and traveling with family.


Maria Benevento

Student Coordinator/General Office

Maria Benevento

Hi!  I am a junior from Kirksville, Missouri double majoring in Theology and American Studies with a minor in Justice and Peace Studies.  I first became involved with the CCSJ as a freshman going to weekly service at the Juan Diego Center and Pixan Ixim.  Since then I have gone on a fall-break service trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, attended the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice, and joined an advocacy group, all through the CCSJ, and am very excited about the chance to become even more involved with the CCSJ as a student worker!


Lauren Brown

Student Coordinator/Service & Justice Trips Core Team

I am a senior Biology major and Business Administration minor from Honolulu, Hawaii. I got involved with the CCSJ my Freshmen year when I participated in the Omaha Sustainability Service and Justice Trip over Fall Break. During the spring of my Sophomore year I studied abroad in the Dominican Republic through the Encuentro Dominicano program. I look forward to returning to campus this year and continuing to learn and serve others within the Omaha community as well as across the United States. I am excited to be apart of the CCSJ family again this year and look forward to meeting and developing relationships with people. I am also looking forward to the opportunities that will be presented to me within the CCSJ and everything else the year holds in store for me!

Caitlin Culbertson

Student Coordinator/General Office

Caitlin Culbertson

Hello!  My name is Caitlin Culbertson and I am currently a junior in the School of Nursing.  I grew up in a suburb of Denver called Lone Tree and am so thankful to be able to call Colorado home.  I was first exposed to the CCSJ during my SBST my freshman year and have been hooked ever since!  I absolutely love partaking in service whether on a service trip, around campus, or back home.  I even had the chance to tutor some high school students last year when I was abroad in Ireland!  Hopefully, I will be able to meet many of you this year and share some amazing experiences.  One of my absolute favorite things about all the CCSJ programs is their focus on solidarity and having the chance to share memories and experiences with an array of different people that you may have otherwise never met.  I’m looking forward to new experiences, lots of laughs, and unbelievable memories this year!

Ian Fallon

Student Coordinator/ Ignatian Advocacy Team

Ian Fallon


My name is Ian Fallon, and I am originally from New England but have been a Nebraska resident and Cornhusker for the past seven years of my life.  As a disciple of Dr. Tom Kelly, I am majoring in Theology with JPS, Behavioral and Cognitive Neuropsychology, and Spanish minors. My first exposure to the CCSJ was through weekly service at Pixam Ixim, and through that experience I was convinced to go on my first Fall Break Service Trip in October of 2012 in Pilsen, Chicago.  I applied to work in the office with the CCSJ because I want to learn how to take my talents and apply them to service to work for the betterment of mankind.  For most of my life I’ve been more of a thinker than a doer, and with the CCSJ I want to learn how to do God’s work.


Anna Ferguson

Student Coordinator/Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice Core Team


Hi! My name is Anna Ferguson, I am a junior from Wheaton, IL, which is a suburb just West of Chicago, and, yes, I am a PROUD Cubs fan! I am currently pursuing a double major in Theology and Journalism, which are two huge passions of mine. Writing and faith, what could be better? The oldest of six girls, I come from a lively family who instilled in me a desire to serve and learn as much as I can about the less fortunate around me. I was blessed with a very active and faithful youth group community throughout high school that continued to foster my passion for service for and with others. I spent five summers traveling with them to different cities within the U.S., doing mission work and growing in my faith. That experience, combined with the Freshman Leadership Program and the service work I dove into when I first came to Creighton, led me to the CCSJ. Since becoming a student coordinator, my office work, the IFTJ trips, the Spring Break Service & Justice Trips, and various service sites I have led, have fed my passion for simplicity, service, solidarity, and justice and given deeper meaning to my time here at Creighton. I am excited to work on the Communications and IFTJ Core teams again this year, and I can’t wait to see how much I learn in that process! When I’m not in the office or volunteering, I love reading, spending time with friends, and any outdoor activity, but most especially camping, hiking, and biking.

Katie Garrity

Student Coordinator/ Service & Justice Trips Core Team


Hi! My name is Katie Garrity and I am a senior Social Work major from Northbrook, IL. I love being outside, running, laughing and eating ice cream. I am really looking forward to being a part of the Service and Justice Trips Core Team this year!  I first got involved with the CCSJ my freshman year and have been fortunate to have a wealth of experiences through this office. Through weekly service sites and service trips, my eyes and heart have been opened to so many new people and places. I’m so excited to continue learning and loving with all the wonderful people in the office this year!


Laura Jablonski

Service & Justice Trips Core Team

Laura Jablonski was born in her favorite city: the beautiful St. Louis, Missouri. When not dancing in her room, playing dress up, and saying hello to strangers, Laura diligently studies marketing and social entrepreneurship. She’s been hooked on CCSJ service trips since her first trip as a freshman. Laura hopes to showcase and strengthen her writing, recruitment, and advertising skills through her work in the CCSJ.



Rachel Kuntz

Service & Justice Trips Core Team



Hi! I’m from Eagan, MN (just outside of St. Paul). I’m a Biochemistry major and History minor on the pre-med track. My first experience with the CCSJ was on a Fall Break service trip to El Paso, TX where I was able to talk to and meet with undocumented workers and those who serve them, go to immigration court, and speak with border patrol. I’m extremely excited for this year on Service and Justice Trips Core Team and can’t wait to meet all the new people going on service trips, and to catch up with the old. I’m hoping it will become a part of my life that I can cherish forever and that the experiences I have will help to form me into the Physician I hope to become.



Mary Clare Lally

Service & Justice Trips Core Team

Lally, Mary C.Originally from the suburbs of Saint Louis, MO, I chose to attend Creighton University seeking a liberal arts education and self-determination. My involvement with the CCSJ Fall and Spring Break Service Trips and the Cortina Community has played a significant role in the success of both objectives. My first service trip to South Omaha in the spring of 2011 changed me. Prior to my freshman year, I had always enjoyed service, but understanding the justice component of the service done at Pixan Ixim and OneWorld conveyed to me the social justice issues occurring in our world. I have since found it my civic duty to educate myself by following current events and remaining involved with service and justice trips.  I am a senior majoring in Business Management and Theology. I hope to work as an ethical businesswoman in the future, making use of the skills I have learned from the College of Business to serve a nonprofit.  I could not be more honored to be on the CCSJ’s leadership team for this school year. I look forward to learning about myself, my peers, and the world around me, while playing an active role in the 2013-2014 CCSJ service and justice trips.

Kristen Masunaga

Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice Core Team


Hey! I’m a senior Elementary Education major from Honolulu, Hawaii! My interest in service began in middle school through my school’s service center where I continued to volunteer throughout high school.  Finding a college with a strong service program was something I wanted, so the CCSJ was one of the aspects that drew me to Creighton.  I first became involved with the CCSJ my freshman year through the Omaha Sustainability spring break service trip.   Since then I have taken trips to Pilsen, Chicago and Wind River, Wyoming.  I was a part of the Cortina Community my sophomore year and had such an amazing time! This past fall, I went on the Ignatian Family Teach-in for Justice and absolutely loved it! I’m so excited and looking forward to coordinating great trip this year!


Jeannie Ngo

Service & Justice Trips Core Team

Jeannie Ngo

Hello! My name is Jeannie Ngo, and I am a Chemistry major with a Biology, Spanish and Hispanic Studies minor from Boise, Idaho (land of the potatoes!). I first became involved with the CCSJ as a freshman when I participated on a trip to Mason Apartments, here in Omaha. Ever since, I have been a service trip enthusiast! I have gone on trips to Chicago, Denver, and Siena-Francis in Omaha. The people and experiences I have encountered on these trips are absolutely indescribable. With the urge to become more involved, I applied for the Service & Justice Trips Core Team. I know this year will be full of smiles and new experiences. I’m so excited to be a part of the CCSJ mission and look forward to an incredible year!


Emily O’Neill

Student Coordinator/General Office

Hello!! My name is Emily O’Neill, and I am a sophomore nursing student here at Creighton. After graduation, I’d love a job working with geriatrics. I am from Peoria, IL, and I am the middle of five children. I love baking, running, watching sports, spending time with family and friends, and traveling to new places. Fall semester of my sophomore year, I studied abroad in Ireland and got to travel all around Europe. This semester I am living in the Cortina community on campus and have loved the experience. I first became involved with the CCSJ from going on a couple service trips my freshman and sophomore years. I had such wonderful experiences with both, and I am very excited to become more involved with the CCSJ and its mission on our lovely campus! :)

Katherine Osterman

Student Coordinator/Service & Justice Trips Core Team

Hey! I am from St. Louis, Missouri and excited, but a little scared at already being a senior this year. I am a double major in Mathematics and Applied Physical Analysis with a dance minor tagged on just for fun. I love spending time doing any type of dance including Swing Dance. I also enjoy being outside and travelling to new places. In spring 2012, I spent a semester in Glasgow, Scotland and found some time to venture out to other places in Europe. After two service trips to Sioux City, IA and Winnebago, NE, I knew I wanted to get more involved and become a bigger part of the CCSJ community. So last year I coordinated two service trips: one to West Virginia and one to Lincoln, NE. I also worked in the office last year as a part of communications team, putting together the Weekly Update, and coordinating Pixan Ixim weekly service site. This year, I am excited to continue this work and also become a part of Service Trips Core Team.

Kate Pitz

Student Coordinator/Service & Justice Trips Core Team

Kate PitzHello friends! I am a senior Biology major with Spanish, and Justice and Peace Studies minors from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I love to dance, sing, and read! I also love to travel and experience new places whether through service trips or abroad. I got involved with the CCSJ through Service Trips going to White Violet, Omaha, Chicago,and El Paso.  My experiences through service trips, cortina, and ignatian family teach-in have significantly influenced my time at Creighton and combined with my love to understand human physiology I hope to work as a physician for healthcare equality and justice in the U.S. and abroad when I graduate. I look forward to being part of the CCSJ staff this upcoming year, learning new things with so many great people!

Jelena Pjevic

Student Coordinator/ Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice Core Team

JelenaPjevicZdravo! I am a senior majoring in Justice & Society and English, with a specialization in Creative Writing. I am also pursuing a minor in Theology. I was born in Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina, but due to the civil war that decimated Yugoslavia in the 1990s and displaced many of its civilians, my parents and I came to the United States as refugees in 1998. Therefore, I consider Chicago my second home and I love it dearly. I first became involved with the CCSJ during my sophomore year when I attended a Fall Break Service Trip to a Native American reservation in Wind River, Wyoming. Since then, I have attended another service trip and continued volunteering weekly with the CCSJ.  After graduation, I hope to volunteer for a year or two, preferably in Bosnia and Herzegovina or elsewhere in the Balkans. I want to pursue further education in Southern Slavic Languages & Literatures, Social Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Development, or Refugee Studies. In my spare time, I love to read, watch documentaries, practice yoga, travel, and drink tea. Fun fact: I studied abroad with the Encuentro Dominicano program in Spring 2013 and it was one of the best decisions of my life! I can’t wait to spend even more time in the CCSJ working, learning, and getting to know all the passionate people that come in for a visit.

Christine Prissel

Student Coordinator/Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice Core Team

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHI! I am a senior from Rochester, MN. I am pursuing a double major in Anthropology and Justice  & Society. I started doing service from a young age through a program called SOS (summer of service). However, it wasn’t until I came to Creighton I was introduced to the difference between serving and helping. I also was never before exposed to the Jesuit values or teachings prior to Creighton. This new thought process and way of viewing the world intrigued me immediately. My freshman year I went to some of the weekly service sites the CCSJ offered, but it wasn’t until my sophomore year I became more involved in the CCSJ. Since my freshman year I have taken trips to East St. Louis, Denver and Pilsen. These and other experienced have made me realize my love for hearing people’s stories. I have learned a great deal via the classroom during my time at Creighton, but I have learned even more from the stories of different people, on and off Creighton’s campus. During my sophomore year, I was also part of the Cortina Community and attended IFTJ. I found IFTJ extremely informative and a great experience and instantly wanted to become more involved with the trip.  I am looking forward to working with an awesome group of people and coordinating a great IFTJ trip this year!


Becky Roselle

Service & Justice Trips Core Team

RoselleSalutations! I am the youngest member of the delightful Roselle clan and grew up in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. While at Creighton I have been pursuing my degree in Elementary and Special Education and I look forward to being the best teacher I can be! I first got involved with the CCSJ my freshman year and went on a service trip to Chicago to work with a beautiful group of Sisters. Since then I have participated in a border immersion trip to El Paso and coordinated a thrilling trip to Albuquerque to live with Catholic Workers. I am passionate about laughter, affecting change in the world, smiles, education, music, faith, and of course thrifting! I am unbelievably blessed to be a member of the CCSJ team and I know it is going to be a fantabulous year! WOO WOO :)

Majo Sandi

Student Coordinator/General Office

Majo SandiMy name is Majo Sandi and I am an International student here at Creighton. I am originally from Cochabamba Bolivia, a wonderful country in South America. I am pursuing degrees in Marketing and Social Entrepreneurship with a minor in Studio Art. I attended an American International High School down in Bolivia, which encouraged me to study abroad for my collage career. One of my biggest passions is to travel. I had the opportunity of spending 2 months in India on 2009 and that experience really broadened my perspective of the world. Service and justice were concepts that always lived in my mind and heart.  On the summer of 2006 I coordinated a South American Bus Tour in which we served communities from 15 different cities. This trip truly changed my life and taught me that one can serve God only by the service of others. Once I got to Creighton the CCSJ’s programs really called my attention so I decided to go on my first service trip to Minneapolis. I have been involved in service trips ever since. My sophomore year I was a member of the Cortina Community, which provided me with powerful insights about social justice. I enjoy one on one conversation and listening to what people have to say. Simple things in life always make my day. I love photography and I tend to edit pictures as a way to relief stress. I am really looking forward to this year and having the opportunity to meet new people, listen to new stories, and form new relationships with this position in the CCSJ!

Leah Schaffer

Student Coordinator/Ignatian Advocacy Team

Leah-SchafferI’m from Twin Cities, Minnesota, and I am majoring in Chemistry and Theology. I hope to go to graduate school for chemistry and pursue a career in environmental chemistry. Outside of school, I love spending time with people, listening to music, playing guitar or piano, and reading! I got involved with CCSJ freshman year first through weekly service at Siena Francis house, and then through joining Ignatian Advocacy Groups. CCSJ has been a large and impacting part of my Creighton education. I am so grateful for the friends I’ve made, the experiences I’ve had, and all that I have learned and continue to learn!


Marshall Schroeder

Service & Justice Trips Core Team


Age: 21
Hometown: Hawaii Kai, Hawaii
Favorite Phrase: The Beginning is near
Why are you here: Coming from Honolulu Hawaii, I have always had a great passion for not only the local food but also the culture. The Hawaiian culture guides my life and has instilled me with its morals. One of the greatest morals is lōkahi or unity and being for and with others. It is this principle that has guided my life and has put me on the path toward mutual assistance as a career goal in mind. It is because of lōkahi that I am at Creighton and the main reason why I am here at the CCSJ. They emancipate the values of Hawaii and are an extension of not only my culture but and extension of my values and a extension of myself. IMUA (Go Forward)


Becca Spinar

Student Coordinator/Fundraising

Becca SpinarHi there! My name is Becca and I am from Portland, Oregon where the rain doesn’t stop pouring for at least nine months of the year. I am a biology major with a minor in Spanish, and hope to be fluent in the language someday. I first became involved with the CCSJ when I went on a spring break service trip to El Paso, TX during my freshman year. Since then, I have enjoyed many impacting experiences through weekly service in the Omaha community, as well as an amazing service trip to Guatemala last summer. I am excited for this opportunity to become more substantially involved with the CCSJ, and I look forward to the service opportunities that lay ahead of me in the future. Not only that, but I can’t wait to work with the rest of the CCSJ team to promote and encourage service on Creighton’s campus.  I like to consider myself a friendly and outgoing person. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories. I enjoy playing sports, being outdoors, and traveling. My dream is to work abroad in the healthcare field someday, or at least serve for an extended period of time in a different country. I’m excited to see what this year has to offer!

Jessica Stoner

Service & Justice Trips Core Team

Jessica StonerI am an Exercise Science major wanting to pursue a career in physical therapy from Peterson, IA. Coming from a small town, I have learned to appreciate and love a close community. I have continued to find this type of community during my time at Creighton. I first got involved in the CCSJ during my spring semester of freshman year when I went on a service and justice trip to Sioux City, IA  to work with Habitat for Humanity. Since then I have had the opportunity to go on trips to Montgomery, AL and New Orleans, LA, and to serve the Omaha community at weekly service sites. I am looking forward to sharing my experiences, getting others excited about service, and expanding my community.

Kelly Sullivan

Service & Justice Trips Core Team/Ignition Advocacy Team

Kelly SullivanHi! I am a senior Justice and Society major with minors in Social Entrepreneurship and Spanish. I am from DeKalb, IL and have a wonderful, loving family. One of the reasons I decided to come to Creighton was because of the service opportunities they had, so I became involved with the CCSJ very early and went on my first service trip to South Omaha in the fall of my freshman year. Since then, I have been to the Columban House in El Paso, TX, and have led a trip to Shadowbrook Farms in Lincoln, NE. Through these experiences, my passion for immigration, sustainability, and poverty has greatly deepened. Because of these growing interests, I participated in the Ignatian Family Teach-In in Fall 2012. I also studied abroad in the Dominican Republic in Spring 2013 where I encountered a very different type of service. I hope to use all of these experiences to better serve those in the Omaha community and to spread the word of how rewarding service can be!

Kelsey Thies

Service & Justice Trips Core Team

Kelsey ThiesMy name is Kelsey and I am from Sufu, Sodak (That’s Sioux Falls, South Dakota, for the non-dakotans). I am #4 of 5 children and am a proud auntie of 2 adorable nephews (and another on the way).  I am a Biology major/Spanish minor on the Pre-Med track. Someday I would like to be a bilingual, socially conscientious physician for the underserved. I love baking, drawing, and camping, but Brussels sprout and golf (separately or together) are not my thing. Being a part of the Cortina community my sophomore year was my first intense engagement into service and justice. As a sophomore, I also went on my first CCSJ service trip to Chicago, IL, and got a taste of the amazing experiences the CCSJ exposes students to. Since then, I have been on 3 other trips around the Midwest, and I am thrilled to continue my growth and involvement in the CCSJ!!



Annie Townley

Student Coordinator/Communications Team



Hello! My name is Annie Townley and I am a sophomore this year. I have lived in Omaha almost my entire life, and I am the second oldest of five children.  Currently I consider myself a very undecided major, but I love any form of art (graphic design or studio art are potential front runners for majors).  A life goal of mine is to become fluent in Spanish because I am a big fan of traveling and experiencing other cultures.  If you mention the words camping, snowboarding, zip lining, chocolate, and service, you will have me hooked.  My passion for service was reignited when I entered the CCSJ as a curious student so I applied for a job. It is my first year to work in the CCSJ and I am very excited about it. Over the years I plan to go on as many service trips as possible and spend plenty of time in the CCSJ.


Michelle Villegas

Student Coordinator/Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice Core Team/Ignatian Advocacy Team

Hola! I am a political science major from Chicago, IL with a passion for social justice. I first got involved with the CCSJ the first semester of my freshman year through the IFTJ trip to Washington D.C. IFTJ led me to become more involved in the office as a member of the Ignatian Advocacy Team and Immigration advocacy group. This summer I had the privilege of participating in an internship with Interfaith Worker Justice in Chicago with the support of the CCSJ. I am beyond excited to be working in the CCSJ this year and to continue to grow in and learn from our community.

Aside from school, I love coffee shops, used bookstores and chocolate. I enjoy reading classic novels and watching foreign films, and I am a huge fan of music, any and almost every genre. I tend to have a “half-glass full” view on things. I like to laugh, give hugs, and daydream. I am excited to make new friends through the CCSJ, hear their stories, have new experiences and learn a little bit more about myself through all of it.

Haley Warren

Student Coordinator/Ignatian Advocacy Team/Communications Team

I am a junior majoring in Justice & Society and Math with minors in Theology and Sociology. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, writing and playing songs on guitar and piano, doing math, and writing. Lake Oswego, a city just outside of Portland, OR, is my home. While I truly love Creighton, when I am at school, I miss living amongst the constant rain and multitude of trees that are always present in Oregon.  I first became involved in the CCSJ my freshman year when I began attending weekly service at The Siena/Francis House. Both my freshman and sophomore year I attended the Ignatian Family Teach-In and participated in the sustainability Ignatian Advocacy group. Once I became a staff member-my sophomore year- I also began leading the weekly Siena/Francis house visit, made the weekly Ignatian Advocacy alert, was the liason between the CCSJ and the GreenJays, and scheduled the Green Bag Lunches.  I am very fortunate and excited to have the opportunity to work in the office for another year! I hope that this year gives me the chance to better the work I already know how to do while exploring new opportunities that arise. I am excited to build lasting friendships with the wonderful people involved in the office, and I look forward to the many adventures to come!!

Maria Teresa Gaston

Emeritus Director (Maria Teresa finished her work at the CCSJ at the end of 2011 in order to complete her PhD studies in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. She can be reached at

Maria Teresa GastonOriginally from Havana, Cuba, Maria Teresa grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She received her bachelor’s degree in Theology from Marquette University and there began her work in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee with Hispanic youth and young adults. After her marriage to John Witchger (in 1981!) they followed their desire to serve in the missions and moved to the farm worker community of Immokalee, FL. There they joined in organizing efforts with Guadalupe Social Services and ministry with the church while raising their three sons (Felipe, Martin, and Luke). Maria Teresa obtained her Master’s Degree in Religious Studies/Hispanic Ministry from Barry University/Southeast Pastoral Institute in Miami and her Certification in Youth Ministry from the Center for Ministry Development (both in 1988). She taught courses in pastoral planning and group process for Hispanic ministers in the mobile school of the Southeast Pastoral Institute. In the Diocese of Venice in Florida she served as the director of the Campaign for Human Development and Catholic Relief Services until 1998 when the family moved to Omaha for Maria Teresa to become the director of the Creighton Center for Service and Justice. She serves on the Social and International Commission of the Wisconsin Province of the Jesuits, on the Heartland Worker Center board, and on the board of the Omaha Community Foundation’s Futuro Latino Fund.

Maria Teresa explains her work with the CCSJ in a podcast on Catholic Comments.At the Founders Day Mass  on February 7, 2010, Maria Teresa was presented with a St. Ignatius Award. Each year, this award recognizes faculty and staff who live in the spirit of Ignatius. Congrats Maria Teresa! Audio of Founder’s Day Mass Maria Teresa’s Ignatian Award Bio/Citation.