Learning and Interconnectedness in Omaha


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Making the commitment to go on a Service and Justice Trip for Spring Break was easy for me. I was excited to see where I’d get to go. Having traveled to Detroit last semester I signed up to do a half week trip and got to travel to South Omaha to serve at the OneWorld Community Health Center.

It is here that I learned about the affordable healthcare available to the residents of Omaha. I got to serve at the OneWorld Community Health Center and witnessed nurse practitioners and doctors preserve the dignity of each patient that walked through the door. Each person from doctors, to schedulers, to nurses are dedicated to the care of their patients as well as the understanding of their cultures. No person should be turned away from potentially life saving services especially in the wake of COVID-19. I learned how expansive their services were from providing immediate diagnoses and medicine, to educating patients about mental health and nutrition.

I am grateful I got to assure patients over the phone and share many laughs with my group. I also I learned about myself on this trip. I reconnected with my culture by sharing with my group about myself and my family.  Walking down 24th street in South Omaha reminded me of home as well as the importance of sharing my stories and experiences to educate others on what’s it means to treat others with respect no matter ones beliefs, background, or race. We must remember Chimamanda Adichie’s Danger of A Single Story and notice our interconnectedness in order to better our world.

- Janeth Arvizu Rivera ’23