Sarpy County Teen Court

Leonard Matthias, Teen Court Coordinator ~ (402) 593-2207 ~

1257 Golden Gate Dr., Suite 11W Papillion, NE 68046 ~


Teen Court gives juveniles who have committed a misdemeanor crime a second chance to learn from their mistakes without the high cost and stigma of a criminal record. It’s a positive “hands-on” experience meant to divert offenders away from a pattern of criminal behavior. Teen Court defendants appear before a jury of their peers who determine their consequences.
The Teen Court judge presides over the hearing like a referee to ensure that correct procedures are followed. Judges have the opportunity to work closely with juveniles who are interested in a career in law enforcement and can give appropriate feedback to the defendant regarding how their behaviors could impact their future. Volunteer judges will have to complete a training and will shadow our current judges before being placed in a courtroom of their own.