Benson Plant Rescue

David Hilber ~ ~ (402) 933-3867

7224 Maple St. Omaha, NE 68134 ~ Facebook Page


The Benson Plant Rescue (BPR) engages in organic recycling to combat global warming.   Proceeds from plant sales fund the Community Produce Rescue’s (CPR’s) mission of food reclamation and assist the Omaha Public Library with children’s books and computers.

Since 1999, BPR-CPR has rescued plants/produce from retailers/gardeners.  This  North Omaha effort to improve the community with low cost plants (BPR) and FREE produce (CPR)  has expanded into a nationally recognized model of environmental innovation.
BPR’s all-volunteer staff not only sells plants but dispenses knowledge about their care and culture,  making this more like a neighborhood club than a garden center.  Our motto says it all:  “Growing Community, Not Just Plants.”