Rise | Prison Re-entry

Chantal Randal, Volunteer Manager ~ (402) 203-3166 ~ crandall@seeusrise.org

3555 Farnam Street Omaha, NE 68131 ~ https://www.seeusrise.org/


RISE’s Vision is that all people will find freedom from cycles of incarceration. At RISE, transformation starts pre-release and continues post-release. Our inside/out model bridges incarceration to the community and considers all the critical steps in that journey. We prepare and train people for each phase through intensive character development, employment readiness, job creation through entrepreneurship and case management. We transform people in the community by building awareness and empathy that leads to support and opportunity. These connections heal families, create employment pathways and lower recidivism.
Volunteers are utilized to provide feedback on resumes, personal statements, mock interviewing, and business plans to our incarcerated program participants. This not only provides tangible feedback, but also challenges perceptions community members may have about who it is that is incarcerated. Through the cultivation of empathy and relationships, our volunteer experience furthers opportunities for our released participants through networking, hiring, housing, etc.