Hello from the Communications Team!




Hello! My name is Austin and I am one of the Fantastic Five on the Communications Team. I am excited to immerse myself in more programs hosted by SCSJ and forming new relationships. It’s a pleasure to create digital and printed graphics that are shown around campus. Graphic design can be challenging, but it is way easier when I collaborate with my teammates.











My name is Ally Phan, and I am a proud staff member of the SCSJ. I am a part of the communications team, which involves working on advertisements, promotions, graphic design, the left side of my brain, and organizational skills. I always have to be on top of updating my planner for this job since there’s a little small things that needs to be done every day. If not, I would feel overwhelmed. I enjoy this job because I get to share the good work that the SCSJ does and it gives me practice for any other future jobs. Handling my job at the SCSJ and my academic work is tough sometimes, but I’m glad that the SCSJ is a supportive and understanding community that helps me overcome those tough times. This year, I am excited to work on my video editing, and writing skills. They’re both something that I had the ability to do, but I never prioritize them as much.









Hi! My name is Sydney Dang and I’m a part of Communications team! I love working in the office and posting about events or causes that are important to our office. I also love sharing fun moments that happen throughout a typical day in the office!









Hello! My name is Kelly and my time working at the SCSJ has proved to be a rewarding and fun-filled experience for many reasons. I am able to create content about different topics I am passionate about. One of my favorite projects I have worked on is creating posters for the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice. It is very rewarding to work with teammates who are just as passionate about these topics and see the creativity of my teammates shine through on each project.








Hi! My name is Teresa Spagna, and I am a Junior Journalism major and Graphic Design minor. I started my time at the SCSJ as a Graphic Design intern over the summer and have loved it ever since. I have been given opportunities to make the office newsletter and brochure, as well as work on social media. I have really enjoyed getting creative freedom and seeing my work in print. I hope to work on more big projects, as well as try some new things as well! I love my team, and learning from them as been one of my favorite things about this position.











Hi everyone! My name is Anna and I’m a Graduate Assistant who oversees the Communications Team (who are amazing!). I love working with the students in our office, drinking several cups of Fair Trade Coffee a day, watching Cubs baseball, and finding creative ways to get our message out. I’m looking forward to another year promoting our programs, sharing fun facts and relevant news, engaging with our partners on social media, and churning out a lot of really good design.