Reflection On My First Service & Justice Trip – Cleveland, Ohio

I went to Cleveland, Ohio this fall, where our focus was mainly homelessness and poverty. I am a freshman here at Creighton and I had never done any sort of service trip before. My first few months at Creighton, I had not been experiencing homesickness at all, but for the first couple days of my trip with a new group of people in an unfamiliar location, I had never wanted to go home so badly. However, once I overcame the homesickness, it quickly turned into one of the best weeks of my life. I knew I wanted to start off my Creighton experience by going on a Service and Justice Trip for my own benefit and the benefit of those I would be serving. Once we arrived at the Catholic Worker Storefront, I was immediately submerged in the community that I would come to grow very close with over that following week.

I believe I was challenged the entire time over the course of my trip. At first, I did not understand what it meant to serve. I thought my duties ended after I served food and drinks to everyone who asked for them. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I began to realize very quickly that I’d been accepted into this community; I felt I was contributing more by sitting down and having a conversation with the people in the community than by standing behind a counter and preparing food. This felt odd to me, because I had never seen or experienced this perspective before. I understood how the physical serving aspect was vital, but it was also important to break down the barriers by sitting down and talking to the people I was surrounded by.


I think this trip was beneficial to me for two main reasons. First, I was refined into a more accepting soul of people I don’t know such as the homeless community or the members from Creighton in my group. Secondly, the trip helped me understand that my service for one week in one city did not change anything. I am now fully aware that there is always still work to be done, and I have become inspired to do everything I can to make sure I am setting a good example for the people in my community. Service and justice is very important and we should always be thinking about it.

Allison Wagner
Class of 2021

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