A Poem About Anthony – Anthony, NM



Our foreign eyes soak in the yellow dripped trees

washed by His morning rainstorm watercolors,

as October corn fields yield earth-fuel

to speed our van past Best Western signs,

trying to be our best selves on this road West.

Our foreign eyes soak in the miniscule moisture in cacti:

the Sudafed to my milkweed, the mesquite to our cottonwood.

Fernie and his protective shotgun invites us to

live like we were dieing, in this desert,

Our privilege. Others’ reality.

Our foreign eyes soak in the trickle of the “Rio Grande.”

Its Jordan waters promise a new life but provide near death—

safety found only in those border controlled events:

a Mass, a hug—enough for them to pat their backs

never enough to satisfy.

Our foreign eyes soak in the tears of a desperate father’s family

whether in mourning or relief as the clement sentence

translates through the borrowed headsets.

one year in jail and deportation.

Who should get punished?

Our foreign eyes soak in the sweet horchata,

as a woman strong beyond her years calls for revolution,

unity to fight for all the parents and little sisters

to have rights in this country of immigrants.

She has a Dream.

So we all dream

that instead of blinding us

the circumstances of our birth

will spring forth new waters of justice

for all those we encounter from the arid

New Mexican desert to the Oglala,

recognizing no matter our difference

we all thirst for a place to call home.

Kate Albrecht
Class of 2018

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