The Ultimate Urban Plunge

Did I think my Spring Break would involve feeding pretzels to strangers in some public library in Indiana? How about asking the neighbor for a toilet plunger because we had some issues plunging? Or even having a brilliant man who had no home write me a poem about my smile?

Nope. Not a single one of these thoughts had crossed my mind. I was super excited, but I had no clue what to expect. Now, after just getting back from Cleveland, Ohio, I can confidently say this was the best spring break I have ever had.

Before I went on my Spring Break Service & Justice Trip, I learned about seven different pillars, all of which were clearly present during my trip. However, one that especially stuck out to me was community. Not only did my group form an awesome little community, but we also made connections with the people we met in Cleveland.

I did not know anyone in my group before going on the trip, and it’s so cool to think that now after spending a week with them 24/7, we formed into a little family. We cooked, slept, drove, ate, laughed, and even (some of us) shed a few tears together. We now share numerous inside jokes, experiences, and memories that I can only hope mean as much to my group as they do to me.

The community in Cleveland was awesome! The Catholic Worker House volunteers, our hosts, were enthusiastic and passionate about what they do. They put together an awesome schedule for us for the week, took the time to get to know us, and even invited us over for dinner on Wednesday night. The people we met in Cleveland were amazing as well. On the last night, I was sitting and talking with two younger gentlemen who, despite everything they had been through, still understood their purpose in life and the positive direction they were heading towards. They were SO talented too. One wrote me a poem, and the other was free-styling poems about what he saw around him. The conversations I had with the people I met in Cleveland taught me so much about life, and they have definitely changed my perspective on the world. The man who was free-styling, L-Train was his name, asked me to write on his hand just one word to describe my week in Cleveland. The word came to mind right away, and I wrote on his hand: “eye-opening.”

I hope to be involved with Service & Justice trips for the remainder of my time at Creighton, because after going on this one, I can’t think of a better way to spend my Fall and Spring breaks.

Cassie Weck
Class of 2017
College of Arts & Sciences
SBSJT 2014 Trip Paricipant




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