Lent: Reflection Resources for the Season

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As we approach the season of Lent – a special time to reflect and challenge yourself – we have put together some resources that you, your community, your family, can use to enter into intentionality this time of year.

There are many opportunities from many different sources and can be found below. However, if you would rather follow a day-by-day calendar or prefer a simple avenue to a diverse and reflective Lent, the CCSJ has put together their own Lenten calendar that can be followed as a live stream here. Days of the week will include Ignatian reflections, Service and Justice Trip reflections, immigration reform fasting and reflection, and Simple & International Recipes and stories from a different country every week. Tune in every day for something new at http://storify.com/CreightonCCSJ/praying-lent

Or browse these resources to think of ways you can form your own challenges this Lent:

  • “Moved to Greater Love” Daily Ignatian Reflection: an online opportunity for Jesuits and lay colleagues of all the Jesuit-sponsored ministries in the U.S.
    • All the Jesuits in the U.S. will be taking part in this program.
    • You can participate by going to the web site, www.Jesuits.org/GreaterLove (where there is more information) and register through the “Add me to the email list” box.
    • Each evening, all of us participating will receive an email, with a link to the next day’s reflection page.  The reflection will include 5 parts which can be reviewed in 10 minutes:  a Grace to pray for that day; a short paragraph for reflection; a link to the daily scripture readings; several reflection questions for that day; and a brief reflective video.
  • Comprehensive Immigration Reform Wednesdays: The Ignatian Advocacy Team and CU For Comprehensive Immigration Reform has decided to take part in a national Fast for Families Lenten Initiative by being part of a fast every Wednesday during Lent.
    • All are welcome to participate in this Fast for Immigration Reform opportunity as you are able. As a team, we are going to do three things:
      1. We are letting each person decide how he/she will fast each Wednesday. Some will fast from one meal, others from the use of Facebook, others from meat, others will do an only water fast, etc. We are asking people to do what they are safely able and what will allow them to enter into a prayerful, intentional space.
      2. We will hold a prayer service on the steps of St. John’s each Wednesday (except for the Wednesday over spring break). Times still TBD.
      3. We ask each person who agrees to be a part of the team to contact their senators and congress reps via phone, letter, or email each Wednesday in order to share our prayerful actions with our representatives and take some concrete action for Immigration Reform.
  • Catholic Relief Services Rice Bowl resources and ideas:
    • The NEW CRS Rice Bowl mobile app is out for iPhone and Android devices.  This will send daily reflections directly to your phone throughout Lent and give you a way to track your Lenten sacrifices! You can find it in the Google Play or iTunes stores, or go here.
    • Here’s an example of the new CRS Rice Bowl Global Kitchen cooking video series on YouTube. The CCSJ will be release the weekly simple recipe every Friday!
    • Speaking of videos, they are also launching a video series called “40 Days, 40 Stories” and we’re looking for submissions from university students.  You can view a sample video from St. Joseph’s University here.
    • CRS is also launching a photo challenge, asking individuals to “show us how their rice bowl” – check that out here.
    • Finally, this year CRS has developed faith formation resources specifically for university students and young adults. You can download a PDF version of the Community Reflections booklet to find weekly reflections you can do with students and adults alike.