Migration: Say No to the SAFE Act

Jesuit Refugee Service/USA

There is an immigration bill in the House of Representatives that would place members of our communities at risk. If enacted, the so-called SAFE Act would criminalize those who “transport, move, harbor or shield” a refugee, asylum seeker, or anyone whose immigration status has lapsed. We are called by our faith and by Catholic social teaching to enact with generosity, hospitality, and solidarity with the poor and marginalized. Call your Representative at 1-866-940-2439 to ask them to say NO to the SAFE Act. Feel free to use this sample script: “I am from City, State, Congregation/Community and as a person of faith, I support immigration reform. I urge the Representative to OPPOSE the SAFE Act (H.R. 2278), and to instead support immigration reform that reunites families & creates a path to citizenship.”