International Day of Peace

Becky RoselleToday more than ever we have become a daily witness to an immense amount of conflict, violence, and hate in our world. Unfortunately we cannot shut our eyes from it, ignore it, or even mute the constant sound of chaos that is blaring across local and continental lines.


It is something we hope for, something we talk about, and something that seems to be the remedy to it all. But what does it really mean? Saturday, September 21 is the International Day of Peace, a day inviting us to focus on this five-letter word.

This Saturday I challenge you to make peace real in your life. Bring the abstract down from the clouds and begin to feel it in your heart and see it in your hands. We won’t wake up tomorrow and find the world living in perfect harmony but we can take a deep and grateful breath in, and begin to celebrate and practice peace with one another and ourselves.

So whether it be walking barefoot in the grass, knocking on your neighbor’s door just to talk, finalizing a difficult decision, resolving a conflict with an old friend, or simply sitting in that rare and precious silence. Do something. Make peace tangible in your life tomorrow, and the days after that. Open yourself to the possibilities and with arms outstretched, we can all come together as one, intertwined and dependent on the other.

Becky Roselle
Class of 2014
College of Arts and Sciences
Service & Justice Trips Core Team

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