Economic Justice: LB 577-Call your Legislator today!

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In the midst of Nebraska early-spring weather, the Health and Human Services Committee in the Nebraska Unicameral advanced out of committee LB 577 to accept the new Medicaid initiative to provide health insurance for more low-income Nebraskans. Health and Human Service Committee Members heard from Nebraskans who told them that providing medical benefits to more Nebraska families is a smart decision for our hospitals, businesses and taxpayers. The bill will soon be discussed by all members of the Unicameral. Your state legislator needs to hear from you. Find and contact your legislators here.
When you talk to your legislators, tell them that LB 577 is a good choice for Nebraska because: 100% of the cost is covered by the federal government through 2016 for the new Medicaid initiative, gradually decreasing permanently to 90%; Nebraska will gain $700 million annually in economic activity due to federal funds from 2014-2020, sustaining 10,000 jobs; more insured Nebraskans would result in financial security for rural hospitals, so they’ll be ready when rural Nebraskans need them; the new Medicaid initiative has the potential to save the state money by replacing current health programs that use state funds; and it will enhance health coverage to improve Nebraskans’ health, which would give them access to the health care they need and save all of us all money down the road!