The Student is Really the Teacher

Jessica Rangel
“I know for a fact that they will teach me more than what I will be teaching them….”

I started my first day of service at Pixam Ixam with this thought in mind. After being at Creighton for almost 4 years and hearing marvelous things about this service site, I finally had the opportunity to meet the Pixam Ixim Community. I was so excited to start my new service site and continue creating more memories.

As we arrived for our first day of orientation, I did not know what to expect or what I was going to do. Nevertheless, I was so energized to start this new immersion. We had about eight volunteers, and everyone at the end of the night was so amazed with their experience, whether it was working with adults in ESL classes or in the day care center with the children.

I had the opportunity to teach a level 1 ESL class with two other volunteers and I was clueless about how to even initiate the class because I had no clue what their previous teacher taught them. I couldn’t reveal this confusion to the students, so I  improvised at the moment and started to teach the basics. Every student in that classroom was definitely tired from a long day at work, but that did not stop them from learning. I was so inspired by them, because you could tell they were eager to learn regardless of how tired they felt. And it is experiences like these that empower me to continue to serve my community and to value my education even more. I can’t wait to learn more from them and to continue to be empowered by their stories.

Please join us every Wednesday at 6:15 in Deglman Circle, come to serve and be inspired by this lovely and welcoming community!

Jessica Rangel
CCSJ Student Coordinator
Class of 2013

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