The Intentionality of Community

As I have recently begun mentally preparing for my upcoming service trip to work with Habitat for Humanity in Stroud, Oklahoma, I have thought a lot about the community pillar. As a first-time coordinator, my initial concern is of the community of my student group. There are eight of us total, made up of two guys and six girls. Five of us are sophomores, two are juniors, and there is one freshman. We are a diverse group overall, and we have gotten to know each other a little bit at the pre-trip meetings in the Harper Ballroom over that past couple of months. In the most recent meeting this past Thursday, we finally had all members of our group present and accounted for. I finally felt like we were a complete community, and durin541449_10151427306717372_1675303037_ng our small group discussion, I witnessed the great potential we have as a group in our upcoming trip.

I have been on two service trips in my time at Creighton so far. I first went to Chicago-Whipple House a year ago and then El Paso-Columban Border Immersion this past fall. During each of the trips my groups’ sense of community was built strong throughout our shared experiences; although each group was unique in their own way, they were both valuable in building my understanding of what it means to be in a community focused on service and justice. I can’t wait to find out what will become of the Stroud group this coming break.

Something else to think about and reflect on in the next week is the community we will be entering during our Spring Break. With a population of 2,690, Stroud and the small town community will be a new experience for the whole group since we all grew up in cities. With this new experience at our host site, we all expect to learn a great deal from the people of Stroud. We will be sure to bring those lessons back with us to the Creighton community upon our return.

Until then, I pray that every CCSJ Spring Break Service and Justice Trip group has safe travels to their destination this Spring Break. We are all sacrificing a lot to go on these trips. May we exemplify the spirit of Creighton in our small group communities as well as the host site communities!

Tim McDermott
Class of 2015
College of Arts and Scinece