Sustainability: Help save the Greater Canyonlands!

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Help save the Greater Canyonlands!Greater Canyonlands has a concentration of natural beauty, geological spectacles, and ancient human artifacts unlike any on the planet. Surrounding Canyonlands National Park, this region is the largest unprotected roadless area in the lower 48 states, a vast expanse of desert plateaus, deeply incised gorges, sinuous canyons, and towering mesas with 750 miles of perennial streams and nearly 300 seeps and springs. With 27 species of wildlife on the Utah Sensitive Species List, Greater Canyonlands is a biological hotspot that provides important migration corridors for deer, mountain lions, Desert Bighorn sheep, and bears.
Please act now by signing a petition to save this unique and spectacular area from oil, gas, uranium, potash, and tar sands development, as well as rampant off-road vehicle abuse, by naming Greater Canyonlands a national monument.