Peace: Thank you Maryland for abolishing the Death Penalty!

Amnesty InternationalAmnesty_International

The vote is in! Maryland’s General Assembly has voted to make Maryland the 18th U.S. state to repeal the death penalty, a cruel, unnecessary and wasteful policy that risks executing the innocent.
Governor Martin O’Malley has taken a leading role in the fight to end the death penalty, and has said he will sign the abolition bill into law. Please thank him for his leadership and influence, which helped push death penalty repeal across the finish line this year!
But our work in Maryland isn’t over. Urge Governor O’Malley to commute Maryland’s 5 remaining death sentences. Also, urge him to include funding to support victims’ families in the new budget.
Let’s celebrate Maryland as the 18th state to abolish the death penalty, while also making sure that victory includes funding for victims’ families and a total end to executions in Maryland! Sign the thank you here!