Peace: Abolish the Death Penalty in Maryland!

Amnesty_InternationalAmnesty International

In less than a month we can win a huge victory in the fight against capital punishment. Maryland is set to become the 18th U.S. state to repeal the death penalty: a cruel, unnecessary and wasteful policy that risks executing the innocent.
The Maryland Senate may vote this week – and the vote will be very close. Maryland’s Governor Martin O’Malley has taken a leading role in the fight to end the death penalty in his state. Your voices, along with Gov. O’Malley’s leadership and influence, can push death penalty repeal across the finish line this year.
Sign this petition to urge Gov. O’Malley to keep the pressure on both for death penalty abolition AND for funding for victims’ families; and thank him for leading the charge for death penalty repeal in Maryland. Let’s turn the tide towards abolishing the death penalty in the U.S., and make Maryland state #18!