Economic Justice: The United Mine Workers of America

IWJInterfaith Worker Justice

The United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) represents coal miners working in some of the most dangerous and demanding jobs. Workers in this industry endure daily peril which takes a heavy toll on miners’ bodies and their health, in order to help provide our nation’s energy needs. Through decades of collective bargaining, the UMWA has negotiated contracts that placed great emphasis on the health and safety of active miners and health care security for retired miners; they sacrificed wage and pension increases to secure these protections.
Today these collective bargaining gains made by working miners are threatened by Patriot’s bankruptcy proceedings. As persons of faith and from a moral perspective, The UMWA are committed to a public witness of justice and peace, and in that spirit they call on Patriot Coal, Arch Coal, and Peabody Energy to honor their contractual obligations to the current and retired UMWA workforce. Sign this petition to show your support for coal miner worker justice.